Socialism and the Superorganism


Socialism is organised society, while a socialist race acts like a superorganism.

There is a passage about ants as a superorganism in Edward O Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning book “The Diversity of Life”.  It is a beautiful aspirational vision of how our White Race should be, once we have straightened out the White Man’s thinking.

It seemed to me that night, as it has to others in varying degrees of persuasion many times before, that the prevalence of ants must have something to do with their advanced colonial organization. A colony is a superorganism, an assembly of workers so tightly knit around a mother queen as to act like a single, well-coordinated entity. A wasp or other solitary insect encountering a worker ant on its nest faces more than just another insect. It faces the worker and all her sisters, united by instinct to protect the queen, seize control of territory, and further the growth of the colony. Workers are little kamikazes, prepared – eager – to die in order to defend the nest or gain control of a food source. Their deaths matter no more to the colony than the loss of hair or a claw tip might to a solitary animal.

Individualism is being a solitary animal, while being loyal to your race is being part of the superorganism.

The more homogeneous a nation is, the more it acts like a superorganism. This can also be abused and destroyed by an enemy within.

In the two World Wars, our folk were misdirected so that their sacrifice to protect the “nest” was suicidal feathering of the nest of the overwhelmingly Jewish Wall Street bankers.  Soldiers were sent into hailstorms of bullets on the front lines, sure to die. The White man’s thinking was confused then, and is more confused today.

Scientists have concluded that a close-knit and bonded socialist nation will always defeat any fractured, competitive group of individuals who do not act like a superorganism. This is observed by the mathematical models in “game theory”. We have to get our “ant” unity back on track before those who have some less powerful potential for unity, but do act for their common advantage, over-run us completely.

~Rev. Jane