Slavery Weaponised Against the White Race

The (((global community))) is stepping up its project to promote non-whites in academia, and from there into jobs where they can apply their particular disdain for logical thinking and the scientific method.

In tandem with “decolonising” science – because it is “racist” to debunk non-white tribal magic – universities in the US and in Europe are looking at reparations and ways to boost mainly blacks.

Even the new non-white (so-called) royalty, Harry’s odd choice of bride, in Britain is championing “decolonising the curriculum”.

Down with the “male, pale and stale” is their motto.

If blacks are not succeeding as well as other racial groups it can only be the fault of Whitey, so they insist. It is forbidden to suggest any other reasons.

The European Union passed a resolution at the end of March this year.  Here is the LINK to the European Parliament’s official news site.

It is titled “End Racist Discrimination Against Afro Carribean People in the EU”.  This title is so shocking I am sure many clicking the link will be hoping the site turns out to be “fake news” or satirical. Unfortunately it is genuine.

The EU demands money channeled towards blacks, a reduction in the prosecution and investigation of black crime, reparations and apologies for slavery that took place well over a century ago and to stop discrimination “in the fields of education”.

Stories are now popping up of efforts to address all these concerns but tactically the stories omit to mention that the EU passed a resolution enforcing any of this.  With the controversy over Brexit, the EU would rather not have too many people realising that institution is behind the crazy plans.

Of course these demands are not remotely new. Calls for reparations, etc., have been increasing and putting pressure on the EU, as a very sympathetic ideological battering ram, to make resolutions to hurry up the process.

Here we have an article from the Guardian in which Steven Spier, vice-chancellor of Kingston University, has the audacity to demand “Universities should be punished for giving black students lower grades”.


Meanwhile, Cambridge University has begun investigating its links to slavery of the past and how the university may have in some way profited. Reparations are on the agenda as if the descendants of those slaves (whose ancestors were generally supplied by other African blacks to Jewish slave traders)  are struggling in Europe now just because they were uprooted and brought somewhere “racist”.


Surely the best reparations, certainly from our point of view considering the harm immigration has done to our folk, would be that all the blacks were put right back in the position in Africa that they should have been left in originally!

There are no reparations for the White people who have had ancestors treated at least as horribly as any African black slave and many who would rather have been holding a parasol for an aristocratic Lady than forced to work to their deaths in the worst conditions in coal mines for example.  Let’s not forget the multitude of White children forced to work in unsafe and torturous jobs in the past. Could this again be our future?

(Editors insert: If the descendants of Jewish slave traders want to give their ill-gotten fortunes to the blacks, we won’t object. Perhaps we can get reparations for the appalling working conditions suffered by our ancestors? We are sure we can dig up a lot of evidence to support our claims.)

A recommended book on the subject of indentured servitude is “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America” – available from Amazon.  LINK

In the US the Democrat Party is making the issue of reparations a central issue in the 2020 elections.


Importing black slaves into White communities was a form of multiracialism and inevitably resulted in race-mixing to our severe detriment.

Propaganda pushes a false narrative that many cities around the world were built by slave labour when in fact White workers put the effort in. This is similar to the old lie about Jewish slaves building the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Meanwhile there are today more slaves than at any time in history. White people are the ones who have done their best to stop slavery but the (((globalists))) have even caused slave markets to re-open in Libya since they deposed Colonel Gaddafi.


Thanks very much Hilary “We Came We Saw He Died” Clinton.


Our punishment simply for being White will never end as long as our people do not realise they are in a lethal competition with a team of aggressive Semites who have an open goal to keep scoring in, as our team doesn’t even know there is a game being played. If we would wake up we would easily use our talent to restore ourselves and prevent tragic defeat.

All we need is to straighten out the White people’s thinking and victory is ours.

~Rev. Jane