Short Sighted Zionist Legislation


We all know the adage, attributed to Voltaire, “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”.

Regardless of its origins, no matter who said it, the saying hits the nail on the head.

Recent years have seen increasing hysteria over the slightest criticism of Jews, Israel or Zionism.

Another memetic observation is that “anti-semitism” used to be about who hated and attacked Jews, but today is a label for anyone that the Jews do not like.  Similarly, anyone who has any advice for Jews, meant in good faith, is treading on them and will feel their wrath.

British Far Left political activist Derek Hatton is a case in point. After many years in exile from the British “Labour Party”, Hatton was readmitted to the party some days ago, close on the heels of an exodus of the Blairite Zionist EU remainers to a new “centrist party”.

Then it was found that seven years ago, while not a Labour member, Hatton had tweeted his view that “Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel!”

Offending Derek Hatton Tweet

Here was a gentile/goyim sticking his animal nose into the affairs of God’s Chosen. Screams of “anti-semitism” resulted in Hatton being suspended from Labour within two days of his readmission.

To his credit, Hatton appears not to have backed down or issued an apology which would be spineless and would let down the Palestinian cause that he cares about.

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, with a real chance of becoming a future Prime Minister, he has faced all kinds of vicious sneaky tricks and challenges within his party, and of course from rivals of other parties.

The media, even traditionally Labour supporting newspapers such as The Guardian, have sided almost always with critics of Corbyn. Previous Prime Minister David Cameron wasted no time declaring him a “threat to national security”, a claim that is breathtaking in a so-called democracy for a PM to make against the leader of the main opposing party.

Parallel to all of this, Donald Trump has been experiencing the very same determined undermining by the deep state in the United States.  Both Corbyn and Trump, from practically opposite sides of politics, have this common enemy accusing them both of being “racist” or “anti-semitic” and so on.

Nevertheless Trump is clearly happy to publicly embrace Israel, while Corbyn just cringes and insists he has nothing against Jews and was not calling Theresa May “stupid woman” which would apparently be sexist.

Both men are regarded as loose cannons and certainly not welcome guests at any Bilderberg meetings of approved world leaders and statesmen. They are only discussed as dangerous obstacles in such gatherings.

This applies also to the other world leaders despised by the Zionist globalists such as Putin (Russia), Orban (Hungary), Maduro (Venezuela), Assad (Syria), Duturte (Philippines) and the Iranians, etc.  None of them get invitations.

Bilderberg meetings were once considered as one of Alex Jones’ conspiracies but now they are not remotely a secret. Locations and guests are known. Only what they discuss and do in the meetings is hidden.

The BDS movement, the acronym stands for Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions, works to use sanctions and boycotts of Israeli businesses and products to help the Palestinian cause and undermine apartheid policies in Israel.

This should not be a big deal and would be unlikely to affect Israel in any significant way. The media would never promote it the way a similar movement, approved of by Jews all over the world, used sanctions against White South Africa to end apartheid there.

BDS has simply been a conscientious way for those who cannot tolerate aiding and abetting Israel to avoid buying products that do so.

It is quite extraordinary how much of a raw nerve the BDS movement has struck among Zionists. I say Zionists rather than Jews, in this instance, as many Zionists are not Jewish and because many  Jews claim not to approve of Zionism (just so they do not appear too united).

Never mind though, because anyone criticising Zionism is accused of hating all Jews and thus they include all Jews as Zionists by default themselves, which gets really confused because calling all Jews Zionist is enough to be accused of “anti-semitism” as well! What a nonsense, yet the law courts are happy to incriminate anyone they imagine thinks ill of Jews for their thought crime.

Laws are being gradually pushed through in the US to make it illegal to support BDS, with varying success.

Twenty-six states have adopted laws that punish companies that choose to boycott Israel.

A speech pathologist in Texas lost her job because of wish to boycott Israeli businesses.

Amawi says the state’s enforcement of the law violates her right to free speech.

“My first reaction was shock,” Amawi told reporters Monday. “Why is the government restricting me from boycotting a certain entity?”

This creeping legislation to outlaw not only criticism of Zionism, Jews and Israel and of course the “Holocaust” is being rolled out everywhere.

The latest news, February 21st this year

French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday he plans to criminalize anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism, in response to a surge in hate crimes targeting Jews.

Yet, with this desperate, shocking grab of our freedoms comes an increasing resistance as ordinary people cannot understand this huge over-reaction.

People know so little about the history of Jews and oppression that they are left feeling there really could be something to all these anti-Jewish “conspiracies” and that maybe it would be a good idea to see what it is all about. The internet is at their fingertips.

All in all an own goal has been scored by these Jews. They really could end up with the “global village” they proudly created becoming aware of a big problem and dealing with it in a way that individual countries have done hundreds of times throughout history.

~Rev. Jane