Sharing Expanding Creativity just got easier!

This is just a quick update about Expanding Creativity in the Holy Books section of our website. We have made this amazing work even more accessible and easier to share. Each individual article by our Founder, Ben Klassen, has now been published. The quality is very high, but we appreciate readers highlighting any errors they may discover and making us aware via the following email address: All feedback is welcome.

Expanding Creativity is an excellent book filled with articles that will help inform the reader and motivate Creators to spread the good word. When we say a Credo a day keeps the cobwebs away, we include articles from Expanding Creativity and Klassen’s other fine works. A daily dose of Klassen will help clear the clutter, keep you on the right track and give you the motivation you need. We could not recommend this book enough.

Make The Creativity Movement website your daily ‘go to’ for your time of study. Then share, share, SHARE as much as possible.