Return of Exorcism


The Vatican is holding exorcism training courses after a rise in “possessions”.

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As immigrants from backward cultures pour into our countries, and as the intelligence of our population drops through dysgenic breeding, we see a return to the most exploitative superstitious nonsense imaginable.

Literal witch hunts are still a thing in Africa, and becoming more acceptable as rational thinking is derided as being oppressive White colonialism.

It was Pakpema Bleg’s own family who first accused her of practicing witchcraft.Her nephew had accidentally pricked his finger on a needle, and the finger swelled up with infection. Bleg hadn’t been there. But the next morning, she says, her brother-in-law arrived outside her house. “Witch!” he allegedly bellowed for all her neighbors to hear. “Witch!” Then, her nephew’s older brother began beating her, she says, and soon others in the village joined in.

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Visitors to South Africa find advertisements for the services of Witch Doctors as a common part of the culture there.  Most people (other than Whites) believe in the power of spells.


There is money to be made and power to be gained by encouraging superstition and ignorance.

The only religion that is immune from this kind of take-over by peddlers of hysterical imagined spookism is Creativity.

We stand strong and will never change our purpose of being scientific and rational. Our texts will never be changed to reflect political correctness or pander to mass idiocy.

Creativity is a haven from the demographic trend into ignorant savagery.

There is no safe level of belief in spooks in the sky or superstition because either you have a rational mind or you are “away with the fairies” or the “demons” or whatever silly notions.  That opens the door to all other similar delusions – no line can be drawn.

Someone who tries to compartmentalise their beliefs so that they entertain spirituality sometimes and use logic at other times can never resist a society sliding back into primitive ways of thinking. They cannot justify why it is okay to just believe vaguely in a god, but going too far to be convinced a child has a demonic possession.

We Creators have zero tolerance for this poison.

~Rev. Jane