Politically Fluid

Creativity is, of course, a religion. We do not seek to dictate the political party any of our adherents should vote for or support beyond our Golden Rule which means that the Creator must feel that they can do something positive for White well-being in any of their endeavors. ‘Is it good for the White Race?’ Our Golden Rule.
For people who belong to other religions there is also freedom to choose one’s political persuasion. We note most interestingly, with Jews, that they will try to enter all political parties around the world and all political movements (not to mention infiltrating other religions as well). A Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu could choose to support opposing political parties and many do.
Recently there has been a lot of drama regarding the demands that the Labour Party in Britain must not be at all hostile towards Israel, and that the Labour Party members who are in “Labour Friends of Israel” should never be accused of having more loyalty to Israel than to Britain, among other ridiculous and revealing requirements. No matter whether Jews are in the Labour Party, the right wing Conservative Party or any other mainstream political party in the UK, the same fealty to Israel and Jews is mandatory.
It can reasonably be assumed that a Zionist is very right wing indeed, in their loyalty to Israel and to the banks and corporations owned by Jewish interests, as well as the military industrial complex that fights and kills millions in wars for Israel’s strategic benefit. Yet we all know that these Zionists are behind foisting the cultural Marxism of race mixing (diversity) and deviant sexuality, etc., initially through the far left, but now equally present in their version of right wing politics.
Any present political party will have some degree of Jewish subversion in it – which is measured by how “neo liberal” or “neo con” that party is.
Politically, Creators have some flexibility in what political views we have and this does not have to take anything away from our religious loyalty – which for us is of course the same as our racial loyalty.
Our enemies, and even some of our naive friends, like to label Creativity as being politically right wing, indeed on the “far right”.
In previous articles I have explained that our religion really has next to nothing in common with the “right” – which is characterised by being reactionary rather than progressive, concerned with nationalism and patriotism, pro-capitalism at the expense of positive socialism, and generally highly individualist in outlook.
Creativity is a Racial Socialist religion. There will be a few things those who call themselves “right wing” say that we agree with and also at least as many policies on the left or hard left that we can see merit in – such as equal opportunities (not equal outcome) for all White people in an ideal society or safeguarding our workers’ rights and protecting the environment from exploitation.
Almost everyone has been conditioned to think that you have to be politically “binary” in the sense that you choose either to be “right wing”, “left wing” or some kind of middle “moderate” ground. A truly free intelligent mind does not swallow a prescribed set of ideas and we Creators cannot be pigeon-holed on the political spectrum.
We can profoundly agree and disagree with ideas from all “sides” and make up our own minds – and change our minds when we hear evidence that warrants it.
If challenged by the state, and accused of fitting their strict package of politically so-called “far right” ideas, we should make it clear that we have no set political profile in their narrowly defined sense. We are Creators, but each of us is politically “fluid” or maybe “pan-political” or whatever. After all, even the establishment themselves have decreed a person should be able to choose any identity that takes their fancy, so let’s not be restricted by peer pressure and out-dated mores to choose our political preferences.
~Rev. Jane