“Pewdiepie” Trolls the ADL

This is the second time we have felt that top YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, AKA “Pewdiepie,” was getting mentioned in the press for something of interest to our pro-White cause; enough to be worth commenting on.

Kjellberg has never claimed to be racially loyal and clearly has non-white fans and friends, but he is a good-hearted fellow who has been angered by his mistreatment at the hands of the establishment. We know this establishment acts on a Jewish agenda and surely “Pewdiepie” must have figured that out to some extent given the nature and source of the vitriol against him.

Here’s the link to our first article on him: https://creativitymovement.net/blog/pewdiepie-racist-jew-hater/

Last week “Pewdiepie”, until very recently the most subscribed to channel on Youtube, made an announcement that he was going to donate the sum of $50,000 to the ADL. The ADL being the Jewish supposed “anti-hate group” the Anti Defamation League.

The ADL in fact is active in defaming all sorts of people that Jews have taken a collective dislike to and using heavy handed methods through their power and influence to attack them. Pewdiepie himself acknowledged that the ADL had attacked him in this way in the past, defaming him for no good reason.

“Pewdiepie” made a video in which he claimed he had been advised (although who by is never mentioned) to donate a large amount of money to the ADL in order to demonstrate his genuine disgust that his name was dropped by the crazy Christchurch terrorist.

The Christchurch terrorism incident was an attack on two New Zealand Mosques in which one Brenton Tarrant live-streamed himself, on Facebook, shooting numerous victims dead.

At the start of his onslaught, maniac Tarrant shouted “subscribe to Pewdiepie!”

Tarrant was widely, and correctly, thought to have shouted this catch phrase meme simply for controversy and to amuse those of his own contacts to whom it would be an in-joke they would understand while confusing the wider public.

Tarrant had written a manifesto prior to the attacks in which he name-dropped various internet characters/youtubers just for what 8chan (troll website) friends of his would call “the LULZ”. That just means for “lots of laughs” – a corruption of LOL.

Black pro-Trump Youtuber Candace Owens was a name he mentioned in his manifesto, as someone who influenced him, while the media spun the story to portray Tarrant as a classic example of how dangerous pro-White people are.

Rolling Stone magazine did however show they were not out-of-touch with internet culture by publishing a less hysterical view and one that makes more sense.

Indeed, the fact that the shooters were “hyper-online” and that their manifesto contains a slew of ironic memes and in-jokes raises questions about just how seriously it should be taken. The manifesto’s references to Donald Trump and far-right politicians like Candace Owens, for instance, have been referred to as a way to detract attention from the horrors of anti-Muslim violence in favor of attracting media attention.

They say “shooters” because at first it was thought more than one person was involved.

As soon as this terrorist attack took place, “Pewdiepie” tweeted his disgust and horror that the killer had mentioned his name.

Some edgy jokes, and criticism of political correctness had resulted in the pro-Jewish establishment turning on Pewdiepie last year and made his activities meme-worthy.

After the dust settled from the controversy over these jokes, and from the Christchurch attack, “Pewdiepie” made the announcement about the donation to the ADL.

‘But, after the Christ Church [Christchurch, New Zealand] travesty a few months ago, my own clash with MSM was manipulated as a tool for destruction. I’m not okay with this situation any longer and I’ve felt responsibility to make changes.’ Felix continued: ‘Making a donation to ADL doesn’t make sense to everyone, especially since they’ve outright spoken against me. I wanted to show publicly that I can move past it and move on.


It seemed to many that this was a case of blackmail similar to the paying of “Danegeld” that Kipling’s verse sums up nicely. There is a lot of Israeli Geld paid and the principle is the same – as it is of course the tactic of the gangster who can never be trusted and will only be emboldened by successfully extorting money from their victims.

We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost;
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
And the nation that plays it is lost!

Please go ahead and click the link to read the full poem.

It looked, quite understandably, that after getting married to his Italian wife, “Pewdiepie” wanted to step away from controversy and feel that he would no longer be threatened by these gangsters if he paid them to leave off.

To the surprise of almost everyone, a day or so after this announcement Kjellberg retracted the offer to pay the ADL!

“Pewdiepie Cancels Donation to Anti-Hate Group,” spat numerous headlines.

In a Donald Trump reminiscent bait and switch (Trump regularly looks like he is going to do something or employ someone and then dumps the plan) Kjellberg had played a hilarious trick on the master tricksters and simultaneously educated millions on what a gang of reprobates the ADL organisation consists of.

He did this, incidentally, while wearing a top featuring the Iron Cross symbol, sans swastika, which the ADL had rather stupidly listed as a possible “hate symbol” on their website!  They say it depends upon the context and one of their enemies wearing it would doubtless be context that they would interpret predictably no matter how paranoid that may be.

Saying that he had not thought it through and had been badly advised on the choice of charity to donate to, “Pewdiepie” told his viewers that he would be choosing a more worthy cause instead.

Hopefully it is a cause that is not hostile towards our race.

~Rev. Jane