PewDiePie Racist Jew Hater?

Pewdiepie has been increasingly accused of being “racist” and there is a media storm right now over his so-called “anti semitic” antics.

What is an “anti semite”? The answer is that it is someone that Jews hate.

This article is intended to be a look at the current scandal surrounding Youtube supserstar “Pewdiepie” – a young Swede, Felix Kjellberg, who has the most subscribed to channel on youtube.  I am looking at the drama from the view of a Reverend of Creativity.

Felix Kjellberg seems like a nice person.  A charming young Swede who resembles a close member of my family, I warmed to him.  I warmed to him even more when he started mocking political correctness rather than pandering to it.  I do wish he would be a bit more “family friendly” though, with some of his content and language, but it isn’t a big deal really.  His videos are generally rather mindless entertainment.  However, he has made a huge fortune from them and that is clever of him.  A White man who made millions just without any apparent effort.  An example of the genius of our race perhaps.  As a subscriber himself to the Amazing Atheist youtube channel it is safe to say Kjellberg does not believe in spooks in the sky – another plus.

Pewdiepie was, until very recently, a poster-boy for youtube and even had a show on the Disney Channel.  Jewish owned Disney has since dropped Kjellberg’s show after the scandalous expose of his “anti semitism” uncovered by journalists at the Wall Street Journal.  These journalists trawled through hours of randomness in a fevered search for  gems they then proceeded to take completely out of context – in true “fake news” tradition.  Kjellberg is surprisingly relaxed about the ending of his contract with Disney.  His subscriptions on youtube have only increased in the aftermath.

Yes, the whole hullaballoo is a great example of the mad exaggerations of the mass media “fake news” and their obsessive determination to lie about anyone (or countries such as Russia) that gets in the way of their agenda of Jewish global hegemony.  The parallels between the treatment of pewdiepie and Trump have been noticed by quite a few commenters in the alternative media.  Demonising their targets using the tired and now largely meaningless hysteria name calls “racist”, “sexist” or “anti semite” is running out of steam.

The most controversial of Pewdiepie’s jokes was when he paid a couple of men in India to unfurl a notice stating “Death to All Jews”.  Kjellberg was surprised that the stunt actually happened.  He had noticed a company in the US called “Fiverr” where people offer to do various small services for $5.  Kjellberg thought someone might stop the Indian men before they would do their stunt.  Apparently he also had a man who dresses as Jesus and calls himself Jesus say “Hitler did nothing wrong” as another part of this stunt.

If you want to see some of the supposedly “racist” remarks that were earlier I suggest doing a search on line for “pewdiepie racist” and you can find how insignificant remarks have been blown out of all proportion by the Jewish media and their lackeys.

I am sure Kjellberg has no particular hate for non-whites but that he does not see the need to be careful about jokes that might upset them.  There is no reason to conclude that he is particularly interested in anything to do with race or with Jews or with Hitler one way or another.  He just doesn’t see why it is out of bounds to joke about these subjects and finds it amusing that it causes some people to hit the roof.  Trolls throughout the internet are rallying to support Pewdiepie for that very reason.

What it really shows is the failure of the brain polluting narrative that the mainstream media tries to make everyone conform to.  This goes hand in hand with the collapse of that media and the rapid replacement in terms of influence of people on youtube and alternative media in general.

People are breaking loose from the strangle of a narrative and mindset intended to kill us. The youngest generation – the one after the “millennials” which I think is called “generation Z” is growing up listening to the opinions of people who who are not at all approved of by the establishment.  It is now cool to be what the snowflakes call “a fascist”, although none of those they label fascist actually are and the snowflake leftist types are showing their complete intolerance and desire to oppress.  What is cool in reality is to reject their insane nonsense and to proudly trigger them into their safe spaces.

The same Wall Street Journal that has led the flood of hit piece articles against pewdiepie has less influence and less readership than Kjellberg’s channel.  This frightens the mainstream media and makes them jealous as hell.

Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer seized the opportunity to cash in on the pewdiepie scandal – as did many youtube channels as a quick search on there will demonstrate.  I haven’t found one that was critical yet.

Anglin loves to troll and the readership of the Stormer really do have the views the media tries to ascribe to Pewds.  Anglin wrote that he thanks Pewds “for making our views acceptable” or something like that.  Pewds’ channel has a very different audience and so he is only pandering to his audience’s amusement at his  irreverent humour rather than any political or racial agenda.

It is true though that Pewds has struck a blow for saying “the unsay-able” and he is, like the boy in the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes, oblivious as to why it should be regarded as such a holy tabboo.   It is a sign of a population going seriously off-message for which we can thank the internet.

What particularly makes me laugh is how the various antifa groups that claim to keep a watch on racists have been taken by total surprise.  They have been looking at something small and easy to control while behind their backs an actual threat to them comes from a petty stunt from youtube’s top star or by a referendum (Brexit) and of course the election of their nightmare President Trump.  How pathetic does the ADL or Hope Not Hate list of most dangerous white racists look in comparison to such events?    Long may the LULZ continue – to borrow a phrase from the infamous 4 Chan.

~Rev. Jane