Our Mission Is Possible

Prior to joining the Church (The Creativity Movement) I held a pessimistic outlook on the future of our people.

When I read our holy books for the first time, I immediately realized that Creativity embodied the truth and offered a blueprint for our White Racial salvation. Because of this I embraced it.

But at the same time I’ve always considered myself to be a “realist”, and as such I had come to accept that our collective future as a race was looking bleaker by each passing day.

In all honesty, I felt that there was next to a zero percent chance that Creativity would ever sway the masses to become the new religion of White people that would carry our race into a prosperous upward future.

I was overcome with the depressing sense that it is impossible to reach our people and save our race from the brink of extinction.

That was until I read a chapter (from Book Two of Nature’s Eternal Religion, ‘Mormonism, A Better Fraud’) that slapped me in the face and put this negative outlook in check and a new positive approach into perspective.

The chapter discussed Mormons and the massive growth and success their bizarre and relatively new religion had experienced in a matter of close to a century. (in terms of existence when compared to the older Abrahamic religions.)

From humble beginnings, this insane (granted no more insane than the hokus pokus and standard rhetoric of the traditional spookcraft religions) theology has grown to become a major dominant religion in today’s modern society.

Then there’s Scientology, which originated in 1954, only 19 years before Ben Klassen founded Creativity. This is another religion that has recently experienced increasing popularity over the years.

My point is, if these two garbage religions which are based on the same supernatural, mythical nonsense as judeo-Christ-insanity can spread like wildfire, why can’t Creativity, which is actually based upon the eternal laws of Nature and firmly rooted in reality, do the same?

Now I would like to briefly include my thoughts on strategic proselytization.

When it comes to spreading our message, which segment of the population should we target? By this I mean to say who should be the intended audience of our specially crafted enlightened message?

It is often claimed that 10% of the total population has the intellectual capability to become truly dedicated to a cause, and that the other 90% falls into the category of the masses.

Those who fall into the latter category are seldom interested in any form of all-encompassing ideology. Their main concern is their personal well being and financial stability.

As long as there is food on their tables and a nice SUV in their driveway they could care less who is in charge.

The other 10% are the ones who are open and susceptible to our message.

I’m sure everyone is aware of the recent debate over optics within certain segments of the Alt-Right mainly focusing on the personal appearance of those who go out into the streets and act as the public representatives of the pro-White message.

One side claims it is important to present an aesthetic that appeals to your everyday run of the mill ‘normie’ while the other side claims that it is pointless to worry about issues of public appearance because the hostile Jewish elite that control the media is going to portray the demonstrators as your typical Nazis no matter how they present themselves.

While I feel the optics fanatics have a tendency to take it to an obsessive extreme, they certainly do have a valid point.

It is downright counterproductive and harmful to witness a parade of obese dysgenic wannabe stormtroopers marching down the streets in Nazi costumes.

But at the same time I feel it is waste of time to focus on the opinions of tepid cowards who are easily frightened and sensibly offended simply by the sight of hard looking individuals such as a working class skinhead for example.

These delicate and fragile individuals have little to nothing to offer us as a movement. As far as I’m concerned they are completely worthless.

They will flake at the first sign of hardship and tuck tail and run if they feel their social reputation is in jeopardy by guilt of association.

But back to the question at hand. Do we tailor our message to the 10% or to the 90%?

I feel that the answer depends on the situation you find yourself living in. In Mein Kampf Hitler stressed the importance of producing simplistic propaganda that emphasized a narrow and specific message that could be easily absorbed by the masses.

But this strategy only succeeded when the German people became interested in politics after the suffering they endured during the depression.

Prior to this the party had to focus its efforts on recruiting the core membership comprised mostly of those dedicated stalwarts who could see the writing on the wall.

This goes to show that during times of prosperity the masses are content with the ruling authority. But in times of hardship the masses become agitated and anxious, leaving them open to enlightened pro-White thinking.

During the times of prosperity we should gear our focus on organizing and recruiting that 10% who possess the necessary intelligence to recognize the validity and necessity of our Creed and who likely harbor the potential talents that will prove to be extraordinary assets during more challenging times.

It is up to us to prepare diligently during the ‘good times’.

It is unlikely we will convince every single White man and woman to convert to Creativity, but that’s okay. As much as we would like everybody to see the light and embrace sanity, it is not necessary to have everybody convert en masse.

Some may be openly opposed to our agenda at first, later some may remain unsure, but they will not remain defiant.

As is nature, those who are still victims of brain pollution will eventually fall in line and conform to the rest of society as a whole and support the new authority of Racial Loyalists, just as the German population supported the rule of Hitler’s NSDAP.

If we Creators were to compare our current task of propagating our message of Racial Loyalty to the situation Joseph Smith faced, we have a huge advantage.

Instead of some wild fabricated myth, we posses a dynamic Creed that relies on logic and has the potential to save our noble race from the brink of extinction and bring about a Whiter and Brighter world.

It is up to us to spread the message of hope and positivity to our White brothers and sisters.

We are the apostles of the One and Only, True and Revolutionary White Racial Religion.

The future of our family and Folk hinges upon the actions we take today!

Do your part and continue to labor undeterred in this struggle for survival.

May we together achieve victory in this RAcial HOly WAr!

~Rev. Marquardt