Notre Damned?

The burning of the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was welcomed by some Jews and Muslims as an act of God/Allah.

A rabbi claimed the Notre Dame fire was retribution for 13th century burning of the Talmud.


It was likewise a pleasant surprise for some antisocial destructive types of the Varg Vikernes’ Odalist cult, as well as atheists of the Marxist variety.

We Creators have serious criticisms of  Christinsanity, but we are sad to see this beautiful example of the White Race’s artistic brilliance destroyed.

We have always responded to those who point to great works of art inspired by Abrahamic delusion by pointing out that the White Race would produce and has produced at least as lovely creations without that particularly depressingly restrictive source of motivation. Indeed the Abrahamic religions have been more concerned with destroying great art.

The Christian, Hebrew and Islamic Holy books all endorse iconoclasm – destroying the art of generations and civilisations that came before them –  and forbid the depiction in art of many natural forms, although the Catholic Church of course ignores this verse.

“Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth.” ~King James Deuteronomy 5:8

What caused the fire in Notre Dame?

Conspiracies charge that the French government is covering up for an Islamic attack, claiming that an electrical fault is regarded as the most likely cause.

The idea is that the state does not want to upset the population by pointing at a protected minority and causing a violent backlash. This could be the case. However had there been a finger pointed at Muslims of some group or sect that in itself could arguably serve a malicious agenda by the French state.

The fire came at a fortuitous time for the embattled French President Macron. The distraction of such a monument was ironically only going to serve as a quenching bucket of water over the flames of the Yellow Vest protests against him.

At some point it is even possible that the hostile (anti-White) elite in Europe would protect the powerful and rich by devising a conflict with Muslims against the rest of the population to avoid growing ill content among the less well-off majority.

Comparing the situation with the 9/11 event in New York, which was the “Pearl Harbour” event cynically used to justify wars in the Middle East, we have to be on the look out for another similar tactic. Could it relate to foreign policy with Syria or Iran potentially?

The Zionist puppet or Frankenstein Monster Islamic terrorists, ISIS, might well attack Notre Dame and have made an attempt in 2016.


As Islam takes over the area, it is not likely most Muslims would want to destroy Notre Dame. The Church is happy to let Muslims use their buildings for worship, at first temporarily and then to simply turn them into mosques.

Apart from that, under the caliphate of the Ottoman Empire there was a close bond with the Christian Orthodox Church and the Muslim leaders in which the Church became more influential than ever and controlled the Christians with the approval of the Islamic rulers. This is because, under Islam, “people of the book” are allowed to function as second class inferiors, while paying the “dhimmi” tax.

ISIS types prefer to kill, rape and enslave Christians but most Muslims probably would go with the option where the Church establishment has motive to help them rather than fight them.

Christians expecting the Church to turn on the Muslims and drive them out should be able to see all the signs of the capitulation if they would open their eyes.

In any case the demographic trend is not on the side of the Christians. Tragic as the cathedral burning down undoubtedly was, what is sadder is the fact that it is one of Paris’ lesser disasters. The demographics of the city is a thousand times greater tragedy.

True Christianity preaches loving their enemies, while Islam has no such nonsense holding adherents back. There is a slave religion and a martial religion. Muslims have never been slaves.

Creativity has been greatly influenced by our founder Ben Klassen’s comparison of religions and admiration for militancy.

The verdict on what caused the catastrophe at Notre Dame is not yet in. How will it play out? We will have to see.

~Rev. Jane