Never Despair!

Recently we have been overwhelmed by messages of positivity from many of our adherents and supporters around the globe, as well as their eagerness to spread the good word.

Positive feedback and a willingness from good Racial Loyalists to spread the good word really does put everyone on a high and is a great incentive to keep on pushing, to keep on churning.

The Creativity Movement website is a hub for pro-White thinking and the dissemination of the good word. We are truly grateful to those who give a helping hand.

In the Internet age, we encourage you to share all our Holy Books in electronic format as they appear on our website. Please start by reading them. Learn lessons from them. Adopt the persuasive talking points.

We want as many eyes as possible to browse through these works.

However, occasionally we are contacted by those who are suffering from an overdose of so-called ‘black-pills,’ what we would call despair or defeatism, put out by outlets that are a home for misanthropy.

Such individuals assume it is acceptable to contact us and indulge in defeatist conversations, venting their frustrations at the world, deploring and lamenting, and pleading hopelessness. They are sorely mistaken. It is never, and will never be, acceptable. Never ever.

We can understand if a frustrated teenager contacts us for the first time and feels the need to ‘get it all off their chest’ with a long rant to those who can relate to their concerns.

We have all been there. Then again, there is a big difference between the adolescent venting and out and out defeatism.

But once you are finished with the cathartic outburst, it is time to pull yourself together, pull your socks up and get to work on the task of spreading the good word.

After thoroughly digesting the works of Ben Klassen, and understanding what an amazing resource of positive thinking they are, Creators that are strong in faith struggle to relate to misanthropic sentiments, despair or despondency.

Creators are about positive thinking. Do not dwell on the things you have no control over. Focus your mind on what you can change for the better.

This goes for anything, whether it be our relentless struggle against the sinister forces of darkness or life in general.

Creators are about living the good life and gregarious living. There are so many wonderful things in this world to enjoy and appreciate.

Think about this for a moment. You have the finest music, art and literature ever produced available at your fingertips, for the price of an Internet connection.

Whether it be online or in the flesh, when Creators congregate, many times we can talk about many subjects other than the important racial issues.

Up to 80% of the conversation will be enjoying the company of our fellow White Racial Loyalists, who are so often more intelligent and cultured than the average person.

We enjoy great laughter together. We make a point of putting each other in a good mood, whether that be with a humorous remark or a funny tone of voice. It is amazing what can be achieved with a sense of humour.

One ‘black-pilled’ type person relayed a ‘depressing’ anecdote to us about their attempt to plant a seed in the head of somebody. Evidently this was a ‘complete failure’ in the eyes of the would-be proselytiser.

There were no exact details given, on either the topic or how it was delivered, but we learn that the person they were speaking to ‘weren’t interested’. Again, he didn’t elaborate on what the conversation was about. But apparently this was a source of negativity.

But in reality, we found there was much here that our friend maybe should have been positive about.

We live under a crazy system in which the controlled media would love Racial Loyalists to believe that even so much as breathing a word about the overwhelming anti-White corruption in society will lead to a violent backlash from the average person.

They would have us believe that, if we dare say anything even remotely negative about Jewish hegemony, non-white criminality, mass immigration, anti-White narratives, etc., that the prospective White person will respond by frothing at the mouth with bile.

Did the gentleman from the sketchy anecdote respond in the above manner? Did he raise his voice to a high pitch in confrontation, face contorted, eyes bulging out of his head?

Did he bring the ‘evil wicked’ utterance to the attention of some random non-white and point to the ‘offending’ Racial Loyalist in the hope of a violent reaction? Did he hit him across the head with a baseball bat?

No, by all accounts, he did not. After all the relentless brain-pollution, he was still able to talk to his fellow White person like a human being. So there is something to be positive about.

Activists need to get over this fantasy idea of giving one large, impassioned monologue to a fellow White person, have them ‘magically’ agree with everything they say and become a full on-the-spot convert. Be grateful for small victories.

In reality, with the average person, you just need to plant the pro-White/anti-anti-White seed and move on. You will be surprised at how effective this can be.

Countless times we have planted such a seed in what appeared to be a futile endeavour, only to have the very same people REPEAT those words back several months later as though they were their very own.

Creators are about promoting pro-White thinking. Think of yourself as a positive, happy, pro-White spreading machine. A racially loyal ANIMAL that thinks in terms of ‘It’s just what I do. It’s what I am all about. This is my reality.’

You should exercise your positive mindset in the same way as you may (or should) exercise your body several times a week to a point where you do it almost without thinking.

Monday morning, you get up and go for a run. Before you know it, the exercise session is complete and it almost seems like it never happened.

We stumbled upon ‘Alfred’ by Thomas Arne, an opera about the struggles of king Alfred the Great when fighting off what appeared to be an overwhelming force of Vikings.

Beautiful words that really strike an emotional chord: ‘What proves the hero truly great is never to despair.’

Obviously the King Alfred story isn’t the greatest lesson from a racial perspective, as both sides in the struggle were White people. However, the mentality of never despairing and keeping a positive attitude is always a valuable lesson.

Also, the music and the way the singer emphasises the words so beautifully are deeply moving. Especially so to Creators because they are words we can relate to. Despair is an alien mentality that repels us.

The ‘black-pill’ mentality of misery, despair and misanthropy are antithetical to Creators and to Creativity. ‘Get behind me, Satan,’ is a phrase that springs to mind.

Perhaps the words in this piece will be completely lost on the kind of person who is a hopeless case. But we have to make it crystal clear that this is not the place for such thinking.

Basically, if you are looking for somewhere where you can have a good whinge and a little cry, you are in the wrong place. Resist the urge to contact us. Read and study the works of Klassen and get in touch when you are in a better frame of mind.

Read again Credo 73 from The White Man’s Bible.

Let us fortify ourselves, ready for the great turning of the tide against the forces of evil.

~Rev. James C