Lies of so-called “holocaust survivors”

It was real ... in my mind

Most of you would probably remember when so-called “holocaust survivor” named Joseph Hirt lied about his escape from Auschwitz beside other made up things.

Why don’t the Jews simply decide that the veracity or otherwise of the so-called “holocaust” they say they suffered at the hands of the Nazis is not important? As with their racial history in their holy books, they could simply point out that the story is sacred to them and a matter of faith.  Therefore, evidence would not be needed at all – just blind belief and fealty from both Jews and “goyim” alike.

Tall tales and out-dated propaganda about human soap bars and lampshades or pornographic descriptions of violence, have all been debunked, but they are still brought up as if they were true on a regular basis. Most people with the typical “education” in schools on the matter will have been told all sorts of far fetched embellishments that would be considered too ridiculous even for a work of fiction.

In 16 European countries it has been made illegal to deny that this particular “holocaust” – one event that is not even significant in the historical context of mass deaths suffered by various populations –  happened. An opinion that is considered to be incorrect by the establishment has been made into a crime! Even down-playing the numbers qualifies to be prosecuted and numerous people have been sentenced over the years.

The industry that has developed around what has been termed “holocaustianity” by critics, is a multi million pound farce in which there is huge temptation for fraudsters to cash in. From the massive reparation payments from Germany, to the many books, films, plays etc and the tourist industry,  the saying “there’s no business like Shoah business” is truly apt.

In the Guardian article the lying Jew touches on this point himself: Auschwitz, now a museum and memorial, had become a “clean and polished tourist destination” where visitors laughed and joked about “propaganda”.

The man also told lies about events such as the trope about Hitler and the athlete Jesse Owens, that may well continue to be circulated regardless of his exposure as a fake.

Jesse Owens actually felt that Hitler had shown him a lot of respect for his athletic achievement in the Berlin Olympics, but Owens then faced returning to the United States which did not have such a different system to Germany at that time. This is in Owen’s biography. There was of course racial segregation and none of the civil rights that people ignorantly forget were not established for decades to come.

We Creators are no fans of such civil rights for blacks of course, since we believe they should all be shipped back to Africa. We want racial separation and certainly not the White supremacist form of racial segregation that the US had at that time in history. Our holy books such as Nature’s Eternal Religion emphasize that segregation and having slaves is toxic and causes mass race mixing to happen –  see chapter 3 “Lessons From the Laboratory of India”.

Some years ago, the Jew named Herman Rosenblat also admitted he made up his story, because “it was real in my mind“:

~ Rev Jane