LGBTQ+ and BLM are Not Socialist

How stupid it is when people imagine a bunch of perverts into self-gratification (and self-mutilation) are automatically “left wing” and “socialist”.

It is because of this screwed up delusion that you get the phenomenon of “woke Capitalism”.

Nothing at all says that a selfish radical individualist who is only interested in getting stuff for themselves at any cost (ultimate Capitalist far-right mindset) cannot be a non-white or have a weird sexual identity or fetish.

In fact these characteristics belong together.

A collectivist socialist group that genuinely wants to cooperate with each other and move forward together would not demand that their own individual selfish needs must be met. A member of that group would not want to exploit or disrupt their society. They would accept that certain antisocial traits they might (as a individual) have any tendency towards should be discouraged, limited or forbidden in the interests of the group.

A socialist philosophy is not “give me, give me, give me”. That is the opposite of socialism and truly would belong logically to the “far right” if that mentally-conditioned term meant anything sensible at all.

As it is, homosexual men statistically ARE on “the right” economically, and are a high-earning demographic – more so than lesbians. Meanwhile blacks appear to desire to own slaves of their own, and to own mansions – as their BLM leaders increasingly do.

For the supposed “socialists” in our society the game is to cheat normal hard working people out of the products of their labour by encouraging redistribution in favour of diversity. Again this is what the corrupt corporations and most degenerate wealthy capitalists set out to do as well.

No wonder the “woke Capitalists” and the “left wing” have the same authoritarian agenda, all with the coordination of the Jewish Frankfurt School Critical Theory behind it.

It is a cynical and powerful weapon and is perpetuated by anyone who claims any of the “woke” agenda is remotely socialist or cannot be “right wing”.

It is at the point where banks, businesses, schools, universities, government institutions, you name it, demand the staff be trained to eradicate anyone who wants to maintain the strength of national or racial unity.

A divided population and a divided workforce is so much easier for tyrants and psychopathic business owners to control.

Read Chapter 6, Book II, of Nature’s Eternal Religion: RACIAL SOCIALISM