Let them have a double dose!

We observe the controlled media are rejoicing at the development of a Covid 19 vaccine, telling us that it will end the torment we have been subjected to from the Chinese Virus and (most of all) the corrupt, incompetent governments.

But the news gets even better, they say. The Queen, the ‘royals,’ the politicians and other so-called ‘elites’ (read degenerates) won’t be able to ‘jump the queue’ for the Chinese Virus vaccine.

Apparently we lowly peasants are supposed to be thrilled and clap like penguins because the ‘high and mighty’ (degenerates) won’t be put forward to get a dodgy jab before poor auntie Dolly or some unfortunate soul rotting in a care home.

Absolutely no way! We insist that the people lauding such dodgy concoctions must take their ‘public service’ seriously for once. Get to the FRONT of the queue and take the jab. Take a double dose, just to be on the safe side.

Only then, after having observed any potential side effects, will the vulnerable amongst us be able to judge and make an informed decision on whether to take the vaccine or not.

(We are highly sceptical indeed about vaccines in general and especially about this latest concoction.)

The White Man’s Bible reads as follows:

‘Reject Vaccines. This also includes the choice to have, or to reject, all vaccines, shots, immunizations or any other claptrap that the medical profession in collusion with the government is so eager to foist on an uninformed populace. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR are against all vaccines, believe they are not only useless but definitely harmful. We believe they have killed many more people than they have helped, if any. We therefore reject them for ourselves and our children. We will not tolerate any of this unsubstantiated hocus-pocus to be perpetrated on us or our children, any more than we would tolerate the voodoo practices of an African witch-doctor.’