Legal and Peaceful Struggle

We Creators are militant. It is stated repeatedly in the Works of our Founder that we are engaged in a Racial Holy War. We are revolutionaries. However, as all Creators know, Creativity is a religion of peace. Violence is not, and never has been, the means by which we intend to achieve our goals.

Does this seem a contradictory statement? It may to those who fall for provocations to solve problems with violence. Violence should only ever be a last resort for Creators and used in self defence rather than an initiated plan of action.

It would be very stupid indeed to associate ourselves with any violent struggle. All this would achieve is to gift the hostile state with all the excuses they need to stamp us out.

War has never been the way a race becomes stronger but peaceful encouragement to have families and increase our population on the other hand is the historical way to compete naturally for the power to exist in the face of enemies who try to exterminate us.

For a modern example we can see how the helpless Palestinians have made gains against Israel by having large families, although of course they do sometimes resort to some rather pitiful stone throwing, etc., in their wretched desperation. The lesson is there for us to see.

Fighting in such a way to reduce our numbers and lose our bravest men (as always happens in war) is going to harm our race. We do not wish to follow that path.

Militant does not mean violent. There is even an idea of “Militant Pacifism”, inspired by Gandhi, although we Creators are not pacifists, as we do believe in self-defence.

Our Holy War is a struggle to resist the forces that seek to destroy us and to educate and straighten out White people’s thinking. 

Our aim is a peaceful White world where we do not have to mix in any way with other races. We advocate non-violent incentives for them to leave our lands or deporting them. When our Holy Books talk about violence we do so in the context of the violence that is wrought upon the White Race and the danger of a Haiti style attack by non-Whites on us.

There is endless incitement in the media and educational establishment to drum up hate against White people.

Our Holy books do not call for violence, while there are verses in the Koran and in the Christian Bible, for example that do so. It would be relevant to point at these religions for promoting violence, slavery and genocide. Creativity does not have any verses like that or any history of advocating the kind of crazy blood-letting that Christendom and Islamic countries have done and continue to do.

Death to infidels or heathens, wiping out villages and nations, killing apostates, mass killings of Christians in Muslim countries and so on have been going on since those religions started.

Another point is that the Israeli secret service, Mossad, has a motto of “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”. This motto is about avoiding violent conflict in favour of devious methods, but nevertheless calling it “war”.

Muslims say that the “Jihad”, their Holy War, is on two levels. One level is the individual’s struggle themselves to be a good Muslim and the other jihad is to spread their religion, which they claim can be done in other ways than violence.

Creativity’s Racial Holy War is quite similar to this description of the Islamic jihad and our founder Ben Klassen finds inspiration in how militant the Islamic religion is, instead of the self-defeating ideas in Christianity.

As we state on all our works, our promotional materials and our website, Creativity and The Creativity Movement is Professional, Peaceful, Progressive, Pro-White Religion. We promote White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via legal activism.

Adherents to Creativity strive to put the best interests of White people first. Our goal is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of White people.

~Rev. Jane