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A couple of new stories on the subject of Jews and their racial psychology appeared in the media in the last week or so.

An Israeli firm claims to have invented technology that can tell, by analysing faces, whether someone is a paedophile, a terrorist or an ace poker player – among other things.

Shai Gilboa, Faception chief executive, said: ‘We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other.

‘Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal.’

The firm, which was founded in Tel Aviv in 2014, has developed a database of 15 classifiers which Gilboa says are used to determine personality traits with 80 per cent accuracy.

This is very dubious – after all just consider the numbers of Israelis who are fraudsters, terrorists and paedophiles.  What is most likely is that this pseudo science would be intended as a justification for oppressing those that Jews in power wanted to criminalise.  The “terrorists” would look like the people they wanted to label as terrorists for example.
They could be Arabs, they could be “anti semites” or whatever.
It is no doubt the case that we can, using our natural instincts and information based on experience and knowledge, learn that you can often tell things about people from their appearance, including from their face.
When scientists in the Third Reich attempted to categorise people based on their heads and faces, and of course, their racial ancestry, this was regarded by the Jews as being outrageous, inaccurate and immoral.  No one is allowed to credit “nazi science” with any value.
It is an almost laughable irony then that the Jews feel they have the right to foist some far less reasonable process to evaluate very specific criminal tendencies in individuals who have no criminal convictions.
As sinister as this is, there is little chance the Israeli firm’s technology will catch on or be applied by the state to anyone outside of Israel at least.  It is just too unconvincing.
As Creators we recognise this as an example of the Jewish habit of “accusing the accuser” with a dollop of heebie chutzpah thrown in for good measure.
It is oh so evil to prejudge others, even to the extent of labeling innocent people, except when they do it.  One rule for the Jews and another for the goyim.
The second article of interest is the “guest blog” published in the Scientific American journal, titled “Can DNA Ancestry Testing Make You More Racist”?
Yes it can, so the research found.  Experiments demonstrated that when Jews read a report telling them Arabs were genetically more removed from Jews – they were more likely to be hostile to Arabs.

A lab experiment was done using computer games, and also observations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were made such as:

Here, learning about the genetic differences was what was really impactful. In this field experiment conducted on Israeli commuter trains, Jewish Israeli’s [sic] supported violence and war-like policies towards Palestinians much more after reading about their genetic differences with Arabs.

Link to The Scientific American

Interesting that Jews versus Arabs were chosen for these experiments.  The article does not state whether the Jews were a lot less likely to be softened in their stance towards the Arabs when they were told of the genetic similarities as it lumps their reactions together.  Given than the Jews have a religion that does not allow anyone to simply become one of them, it can be expected that there would be less impact on their hostility if they read an article saying that both they and Arabs or they and goyim Europeans have very similar DNA.  For the Jews the identity as a Jew means anyone not a Jew is in the out-group, while people who have a religion that seeks to convert indiscriminately would have a more porous line between them and the “out group”.

The rather poorly written blog ends with the nonsense idea that race doesn’t exist and issues a plea that DNA testing is a bad thing as it emphasises our differences.

What Creators can get out of it is that shows we should all naturally come to conclusions about what racial group we belong to and which groups are in competition with us.  The propagandists who have spent nearly a century telling us that all humans are the same are concerned that genetic science will upset this mind warping, by showing divisions are real.

A racial religion emphasises who is our kind and who is not our kind.  It reinforces our cohesiveness as a race and helps us recognise our enemies.  A proselytising religion (one that will happily convert anyone to join it) cannot do this.

Our racial religion, Creativity, is essential for our sense of identity in the same way as knowing your DNA is different to another race.

by rev. Jane

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