Language, Religion and Speciation

As our society dumbs down and splits along ethnic lines, religion is the obvious vehicle for separation from the degenerating trend and a means to maintain our racial identity into the far future.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) based in England has recently started to cater for Pidgin English speakers – a form of Ebonics that presumes people cannot aspire to speak English correctly and that they should succumb to low expectations.

Pidgin English is a sort of Third World west African dialect of the English language. It is broken English. In various west African countries where a number of languages are spoken, English has been used as the language of commerce and therefore a generally fairly widely understood language in these countries.

Example of BBC Pidgin Headline: “Indian Woman Divorce Husband Because Dem No Get Toilet

Among western observers, concerned with the decline of our civilization, the move by the BBC is a depressing and alarming indication of the future of the English language in Britain itself.

It reminds people of the scene from the rather good film, “Idiocracy” in which a man, who has been thrown forward in time into a dystopian future, is mocked for his correct use of English (or American-English at any rate).


On a positive note, however, this could be a great way for divergent evolution to act – with those of us who are White and speak correctly increasingly finding the thought of mixing with the others to be absolutely abhorrent. Of course Creators are already of that mind.

Even Richard Dawkins, author of “The Selfish Gene”, wrote that divergent evolution through natural selection can be initiated such ways. One group separating off from another because they strongly dislike their company.

He also observed the likely role of  religion in sectioning out part of society to evolve in a different direction and pass on that attitude to their children. That is just one reason why I am a proud reverend of Creativity – our pro-White religion that preaches separation from non Whites and is pro science but against all forms of superstition including gods. We must guard our standards and choose our company wisely.

Over a very long time the gap between the groups grows until mutational build up means they not only cannot stand the idea of interbreeding, but physically cannot do so.

It’s all part of the evolutionary process of becoming a new species: speciation. Nature had already virtually achieved this between the “races” of humans. As much as the artificially imposed mongrelisation process is confusing Nature’s plan, the force to keep the tree of lineages branching ever outwards rather than tangling and somehow backtracking and ceasing to divide (a nonsensical dream of multiracialists) – is a force mankind can never stop.  Meddling with it can only make us have to struggle and fight in ways that we should never have been burdened with. Diversity means conflict.

~ Rev Jane