Ku Klux Klusterfuck

As I start this article I must say I am not talking about the basic principles, ideology or purpose of the Klan. Rather the incompetence of its adherents and followers. I promise this will offend, the truth usually does to those it applies to. However, I hope some heed these words and understand the message I am trying to send. When we look at the Klan, it has a long history. A debatable history, one filled with mostly theories from both a pro Klan side and the obvious biased anti Klan side. One I wont get into for sake of time, space and quite frankly patience as I and you the reader doesn’t need to go through that. Lets just stick to the basics.

The Klan started obviously in the south, post civil war, as a rebellious secret society. That planned to overthrow the new system that was trying to change the culture and demographics of southern leadership. Forcing blacks into leadership roles and raising them up as a means to multiculturalize the once strong racially segregated system. They accomplished minor victories but fell short of completing their ultimate goal. The Klan then reverted to the shadows and became the “Invisible Empire”. They consisted of police, judges, politicians, business owners. The leadership consisted of powerful men in its then, modern society. These men would live their daily lives as key integral pieces of society and at night when needed would work in the shadows. This made them very powerful. To the point when they marched on Washington DC, in the 20’s, with an estimated 200,000 people it showed their force and impact.

Of course the generalized anti Klan history says there were 3 different eras of the Klan. The first dying off in the 1870’s and the second picking up post WW1. If that was the case how did the 2nd era muster so much support in the 20’s? No as I said above they just reverted to the shadows and it was at that time they found their true strength. As the political culture shifted in our government post WW2, the government started treating them as a legitimate threat. Even though some elected politicians were a part of this secret society. However they could not damn the flood of pressure to damage it.

Most abandoned it to defend itself. The Marxist shift in DC compiled with the beginning of the “civil rights” movement, realigned the target to the Klan. I have talked about it numerous times before, COINTELPRO The same tactic they used in the 50’s to hinder the black power (civil rights) movement was shifted to the Klan. It was used, VERY effectively, VERY efficiently and splintered beyond what, I am sure they even imagined. It caused such a domino effect amongst the leadership that it never recovered. It still reverberates today. In where you take a secret society, filled with powerful men and use chaos, confusion and internal power struggles to turn it into a fraction of a fraction of what it once was.

Now when we look at what the Klan was, compared to what it is today. You have to marvel at how the government was able to do to destroy it. To the point it’s very principles, ideologies and culture is diseased and corrupted beyond repair. In the modern Klan, unlike their predecessor, they operate completely in the open. Their membership consists of usually the bottom barrel of society. Broke ineffective men that cant even muster enough discipline to straighten their own lives out, let alone have any impact on society other then to gather, at most, a couple dozen men to scream on courthouse steps, whining about how they and our race is mistreated. Reverting to the same tactics of the 1950-60’s civil rights movement. Completely disregarding the history of what the Klan stood for, its goals, its purpose and its tactics to accomplish those things. Some may say the Klan needs to “evolve” to fit into modern society but to change everything to appease popular opinion is to lose its identity.

Now in my 20 plus years in this movement, I have had a lot of interactions with different Klan’s. Some good some bad. There are so many different Klan factions out there and they are constantly changing. As you are reading this I bet there has been a few new Klan’s start up. Some hillbilly kid living in his mommies’ basement had an argument with someone in the Klan he was with and decided to start his own Klan and declares himself the “imperial wizard”. I know that may seem comical to some but the sad fact is, that it’s true!!! In my earlier dealings with the Klan I met quite a few people I liked on a personal level. But in the desperate attempt to keep up with competition with other Klan’s, it became a numbers game, allowing anyone in just to seem bigger and more powerful then the others. This leads to letting in informants, infiltrators and self destructive people. This has been far more common and has only increased over the years. Most “Klansmen” have been a part of 3 or 4 different Klan groups and it becomes a vicious cycle, of what I like to call recycling garbage. Of men that don’t have one iota of loyalty from one to the other. In some cases the men recruited simply wouldn’t know what loyalty is if it smacked them in the face like a brick. In the other case, most Klan’s don’t even give anyone any reason to be loyal.

A few hollow words and empty rhetoric may keep the brain dead around but anyone of any merit will see through it. Such a fractionalized culture is beyond repair. But the main purpose behind the original idea isn’t. If one were to desire to see the Klan revitalized to its former self, they must go back to the basic principles of why the Klan garnered so much fear in the south for so long. The INVISIBLE EMPIRE. To work from the shadows, to only recruit those with power, influence and discipline. Something that sadly is missing amongst 99% of those even interested in the culture. You would also fight the throngs of retards out there trying to pervert its name, to hinder any hidden progress. One would have to have absolute discipline, in order to bite your tongue. Let the attention whores have their pathetic internet world, social media activism and fake friends. That is all they really want to begin with. To feel as though they are not alone, to give them a false sense of accomplishment by having others just like them around, even in an internet world.

Many of us know exactly what I am talking about. There has to be REAL accountability for breaking any rules. You can take that how you want, but back 80-90 years ago people used to vanish. Of course many will say we don’t live in that sort of society nowadays. Why? Because people are scared. But if you really want to resurrect something like that, if you really want to overthrow this Zionist system, if you really want to save our race, fear has to go out the window. Of course lack of fear and stupidity are two totally different things. One still has to realize that we do indeed live in a much different world then even that of 10 years ago.

So security, intelligence and anonymity is key. To wrap this up, I have seen more chaos from Klan groups within the pro White cause then anything else. I am personally done with attention seeking Klan’s that just want to “piss off them some negroes” and get their name out there. We have enough of that with groups like the NSM, its the same thing. Also, the Klan has always been a Christian culture and society, but in recent Klan’s they try to reach out to Odinists and even Creators. They act as chameleons; they will say whatever you want to hear, to lure you in. They also always beat the drum of “unity”, guilt trip others into working with them “for the sake of our race”. Yet they don’t actually do anything but bitch, moan and complain. Quite frankly, like Jews. They are so infiltrated with provocateurs and some ran by them that before anything significant would happen they would cause internal fights and get everyone at each others throats and distract them from the real mission. Much like what we see everyday amongst the pro White cause. It’s a vicious cycle of stupidity. I wish anyone who may try to revitalize the Klan of old, all the luck, because they would need it. Our race would benefit from some good old fashion shadow actions. Until then, anyone with common sense, avoid the typical Ku Klux Klusterfuck of what the Klan is today!!!


Rev Logsdon

Feb 44AC (2017)