John Cleese is Part of the Problem!

It has become popular for many to share a quote from actor John Cleese in which he ‘speaks the truth’ that London is no longer an English city. Highlighting the bloody obvious is supposed to be an example of him being a ‘heroic champion’ for free speech. But the truth is, the likes of John Cleese really are part of the problem.

In a 30 year old political broadcast for the SDP–Liberal Alliance, precursor to the Liberal Democrats, we see Cleese painting a caricature of those he disagrees with, far worse than the parody found in Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’. Yet he really does think he is fair and balanced, or ‘moderate’.

If we are to believe the likes of John Cleese, a Racially Loyal White person, for example, is a humourless, obnoxious, frothing at the mouth nutter that constantly walks around with a dour expression, inconsiderate of anyone who might have a differing opinion.

They don’t have any lofty beliefs and hopes for a better future, in which people would be happier, more pleasant and considerate of others. They are the saddest of the sad, mentally ill people that would be better off in a nuthouse, for the good of public safety.

This is the standard ‘moderate’ view, which is actually more extreme than the groups that John Cleese seeks to denigrate. (Basically anyone who isn’t ‘moderate’.)

The fact is, it is because of so-called ‘moderates’ like Cleese that Britain (and the so-called ‘West’ in general) is in the mess it is in. He literally acknowledges that it is in a mess. His way of thinking has been prevalent for many decades, yet in a RECENT TWEET he STILL believes he is correct.

‘If only we were more moderate, wouldn’t everything be just wonderful!?’

With all the censorship at this time of anything that is deemed ‘politically incorrect,’ including ‘Faulty Towers,’ at what point do you just accept you are wrong? At what point do you realise that you are part of the problem? John Cleese, you ARE part of the problem!

~Rev. James Costello