Joe Biden is a lot worse than Jimmy Carter

Republicans have been comparing Joe Biden to the 70s President, Jimmy Carter.

Quote: Inflation. Gas lines. Rising unrest overseas. All we need are some cheese lines and voila, it’ll be the Jimmy Carter White House years all over again.

Joe Biden is much worse than Carter, who himself was not as bad as Obama or the Bushes – in terms of leading the US downwards and losing lives of US soldiers and lives of those they went to unnecessary war with.

Biden is the worst President and the worst human being in that role.

Only five months into Biden’s dubious win against Trump, inflation is rising, the southern border basically no longer exists, the Middle East is in turmoil, and there has been a fuel shortage thanks to hackers easily breaching digital infrastructure. The hackers were apparently paid a ransom and have incentive to carry on. Perhaps that suits the Democrats though as they can choose to blame it on the Russians.

Jimmy Carter, who does not have all the signs of dementia that Joe does despite being in his nineties, comes across as a nice person (to the extent that any multi-racialist who did not oppose the Deep State monsters could).

Joe Biden is obnoxious, antagonistic and belligerent, together with being outright creepy. His unhealthy interaction with females of often inappropriate ages is notorious.

Carter is still capable of talking, walking and dressing himself while being a good decade older than dopey Joe. Carter can probably cook himself dinner. Biden would struggle and probably fail.

Biden would look massively decrepit if he had not had a lot of reconstructive surgery – allegedly a face lift or two, a hair transplant and dental veneers.

Quote: ‘The scars on the sides of Democratic front-runner Joe Biden’s face are the result of a facelift carried out before he launched his 2020 presidential campaign, according to leading cosmetic surgeons.’

Jimmy Carter wasn’t a warmonger like Biden is. Biden pushed back the Afghanistan troop withdrawal date that Trump had set. This should have been this month, but Biden was clearly not happy to have the withdrawal accredited to Trump so he has pushed it back to September. Biden and his cronies probably hope that it will antagonise the Taliban and then they can keep the troops there as violence increases.

You can bet that this deterioration in Afghanistan will still be blamed on Orange Man though.

If it was possible to replace Biden with Carter, even at the age he is now, that would be a massive improvement on the current situation.