It is Hypatia all over Again as Science is Ripped to Pieces

In our Holy Book “The White Man’s Bible” Ben Klassen tells the tragic story of the brave Hypatia  of Alexandria, a Greek mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher in Egypt, then a part of the Eastern Roman Empire. She was torn to pieces by an angry mob of Christian zealots in their Jewish-inspired fury at her scientific mind-set. Hypatia taught that stories should be taught as stories and fact as facts.

Every White civilization has reached a high level of scientific discovery only to be thrown into ignorance and oppression by Christianity – with Islam following in the same vein.

In fact it is known that the sole reason for the Islamic “golden age”, from 8th century to the 13th century, was due to ancient Greek scientific knowledge that had survived in records kept in Persia. This knowledge was luckily allowed at that time to be absorbed and used by the Islamic invaders of that land now known as Iran.

The European knowledge these Muslims armed themselves with had been erased back in Greece, Rome or anywhere else as these countries became Christianized.

Today we find it is not so much Christianity or Islam that are the greatest destroyers of science. The threat comes from Jewish cultural Marxism – espoused by the menace known rather inappropriately as “social justice warriors” or the “politically correct”. The extent of the destruction is such that it is very difficult to prove anything by reference to scientific evidence – as they have flooded the internet with papers that claim all sorts of contradictory things.

Once we were taught in school (as I was) that a clear example of how genetics works is shown in a very simple chart to work out what eye color people are likely to have based on their alleles. Until quite recently, and in the whole history of humanity, it has been observed that a child with clearly dark brown eyes cannot be the natural offspring of parents who both have light blue eyes. In fact papers had shown that blue eyed men had even evolved a preference for blue eyed women to marry as it was subconsciously comforting to them to see an offspring that felt like it was their own blood.

New Scientist article.

Now not only will you find many genuine-looking findings that blue eyed parents absolutely can have brown eyed children – none of which are prepared to even give a statistical likelihood – but you will find many articles in respected sources insisting that White parents can absolutely have a “Black” child.

The fact is that this is all social engineering propaganda.  But that is not much different to how science was flushed away by Christianity in the past. And that is surely what is happening again.

Anything to do with genetics and race is at the forefront of the deluge of deliberate nonsense but also the arguments regarding climate change, either way are discrediting the whole science in that field as well.

The new idea is that “facts” are really only ever opinions and that anyone’s opinion is as valid as someone else’s – just so long as it is not “racist” in which case it is a criminal “fact” or “opinion” and “not true”.

Today we are told we must accept that if a White woman wants to identify as Black that is fine because race does not exist and is only a “social construct”. We are told that gender is also just a choice and a transsexual truly becomes the sex they are transitioning too. To mention X and Y chromosomes and how females are XX and males XY is becoming “hate speech”. There are consequences such as being regarded as someone who should not be allowed to speak in public, have any employment anywhere, or express an idea on social media that is upsetting to this new norm. Schools, universities, government, and corporations are fast to change their culture to support insanity regarding “sexist” words or not using the correct pronoun for their students or customers.

A university has banned phrases such as “right-hand man” and “gentleman’s agreement” under its code of practice on inclusive language.

Cardiff Metropolitan University’s guidance dictates that “gender-neutral” terms should be used where possible, adding that students should not allow their “cultural background” to affect their choice of words.


To mark International Day of Visibility, HSBC has just introduced 10 new gender-neutral titles for their trans and non-binary customers.

In a bid to make them feel more comfortable, they’ll now be able to choose between Mx, Ind, M, Mre, Msr, Myr, Pr, Sai, Ser or Misc.


Meanwhile in South African Universities the trend is that pupils demand the “decolonialisation of science”, which is really just another way of viewing the process that is happening over the world.  Science must go, just as the White Race must go and never return – as there cannot be a revival without an intelligent White society after all.

According to a New Scientist article, there are a host of scientists who are ready to abandon the gene as the unit of evolution. These include Eva Jablonka from Tel Aviv University, Israel and Russell Bonduriansky, at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Russel Bonduriansky has been busy using complete hogwash to suggest that “telegony” could make human offspring show some features of whomever the mother had sex with at some previous time in her life.  For this he points to experiments with fruit flies.  The media trumpeted his bogus findings which were carefully worded so as to skirt around what really happens in fruit flies.

See this Daily Mail article for the nonsense: LINK to Daily Mail

If you read it carefully there are a lot of parts of the article that make you ask “what is that even supposed to mean!”  such as

Professor Russell Bonduriansky, of the University of New South Wales in Australia, said: ‘Traditionally, the idea is when this type of mating takes place, there is no resource transfer and there is no paternal care.

‘Males contribute DNA to fertilise an egg, but we believe there is something more complex going on.’

What he means by his reference to “resource transfer” and “paternal care” in the context of the article is never explained and looks like some meaningless jargon just to make the reader think there is something intelligent there that is just a bit too hard to grasp. It is obfuscation. Having further searched other sites to find out what Bonduriansky means by this is similarly futile.
Then there is this misleading part:

His researchers began thinking about evolutionary preferences for seminal fluid in 2014 while studying the offspring of female fruit flies that mated with males of varying sizes.

They found if a male, either large or small, mated with a female fly before she was fertile, he would pass his sperm along, but the immature eggs would not be fertilized.

It is misleading because in fact this is a well known phenomenon to those who study fruit flies. The female can keep complete sperms from previous matings in a way that humans cannot.  And they can use previously stored sperm to fertilize eggs even though they are not the sperm of the male most recently copulated with. Again – there is no case of having a trait or two from one male mixed with a trait or two from another in one offspring. One sperm fertilizes one egg.  The offspring will not have mixed paternity.

Further information can be found here LINK

Biology, genetics, history, anthropology, psychology have all been riddled with this kind of ideological bias and lies.  And in addition we have the phenomenon where stupid people are allowed to have their flawed experimental results and conclusions accepted as if they were of a high standard.  It is very difficult to use references to prove any points in a debate because there is usually a politically correct source to contradict it.

Science is under sustained attack – which will result in the necessity for people to adhere to an ideology or a religion in order to have any consistent structure to their world view.

Another great endorsement for Creativity – our religion based on science as it was before the rot really set in.

~ Rev Jane