Important Difference Between Truth and Morality

While Creativity is probably the only religion that holds there is objective “truth” and that morality is not universal, other religions claim that truth and morality come from their god or gods.

Relativists, who are generally atheists, who prefer feelings to objective science,  claim that they have their own personal “truths” and that other people can have other “truths”. They do not agree with us that truth is a real thing that exists outside of the human mind.

Ironically, many of those who claim “truth” is up to you and your own feelings, will not extend that to say that “morality” is up to the individual. Some do, but most of the highly ideological and religious people really want to believe that there is a universal morality and that anyone who does not adhere to their moral rules is basically “evil”. They treat morality as if that exists outside of the human mind, and that truth does not – when of course the reverse is accurate.

We Creators believe that there are scientific facts, whether or not we humans have understood phenomena correctly or not. We can be mistaken about things, but only because truth exists to get right or wrong in the first place. Science is a process of carefully discovering objective facts/truth.

When it comes to morality, the golden rule for Creators is: what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We know very well that not all humans on earth share this moral code. There are many moral codes people have. Some of them may help them to advance and prosper as a group or as a short-term individual strategy – and other moral codes such as those handed to Christians by Jesus, tie up the adherent to a suicidal morality that stands common sense on its head. “Do good to those who wish to harm you”,  and many other crazy beatitudes.

The morality in Creativity is derived from a clear-headed observation of the eternal laws of Nature. Animals and plants only need their instincts to get it right. We live in a world in which Nature is pitching various races against one another in an evolutionary competition. If we choose to accept this fact and partake in the competition with the intention that our race should be victorious, we have to be unafraid to see things as they really are (not wishful or superstitious nonsense) and we have to realize that putting our own racial interest first is absolutely essential at all times.

The fate for our race if we should lose this unavoidable competition is actually going to be a hell on earth for whatever sort of humanity remains, since only the White Race even feels that we would not enjoy enslaving other people, and cares about wildlife, standards of health or nutrition or fairness in trade and other areas where honesty and competence are essential.

We hope to win this competition by simply separating from other races and refusing to deal with them. Nothing violent.  However our adversaries fantasize about violence and sadistic oppression non stop – they could never reach a point at which they had any peace.

Knowing this, we Creators are aware we must win and we will win.

~ Rev Jane