Heavenly Lockdown

Imagine the sort of person who decides how to live their life and what values to have based on which bully they most fear.

Imagine part of their servitude to this bully is that they have to call themselves a “lowly worm” as that is what the bully tells them they are.

Imagine that they try to justify their pathetic cowardice by telling everyone who resists serving and obeying the bully that they surely do not realise what a pounding they are going to get and how viciously tortured they will be for being so disobedient.

Imagine if these people will even join together to attack anyone who calls out the nonsense.

If they will behave like that for a fantasy bully in the sky they are primed to help their enemies here on Earth who will use their stupidity and cowardice to convince them they should do the bidding of the kind of gangsters who quickly become the ruling establishment.

Some of them complain because they think the gangsters who rule us are not doing what the sky bully wants, but many effectively think of the gangsters as having been put there by the sky bully and divinely ordained to rule over them.

In either case it is all about what the biggest bully wants. It is out of fear of unimaginable violence and out of some hope that maybe they will get a prize for being a good sheep.

Can we expect millions of people who think this way to be anything other than a massive hindrance to the survival and prosperity of the White Race?

Christians are great allies to those known as “God’s Chosen”.

As long as any White person fears “Hell” they are controlled by our racial enemies.

Our Holy Books, especially Nature’s Eternal Religion and The White Man’s Bible, explain at length about the disgusting concepts of Hell and of Heaven: punishment and bribery.

In psychology it is observed that the least intelligent and most corrupt people have the infantile morality in which something is right or wrong initially based on whether they will get smacked down or given a sweetie (can be taken in a metaphorical sense) for their actions.

This is the moral level of the sky-daddy believer.

Here we are with our movements restricted by a government “lock down” caused by the attempt to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

When you think about the restrictions to behaviour of anyone who gets to go to “Heaven” – day and night constantly “serving God” – with no rest, and no point to any of it, for all time – you have to wonder what the attraction of that level of control is.

Why would anyone in their right mind want an eternal life in such a horrible servitude to the sadistic sky daddy?

As Creators we need to help our fellow Whites appreciate our opportunities here on Earth, to make the best of the freedom we have and to push against the authorities who want to make our existence more and more like the horror of “Heaven”.

We want to be free to be with our own kind, raise future generations of fine White people and be creative, working for a real purpose for ourselves as a race, and as far away from serving any sadistic bullies as possible.

~Rev. Jane