Hearing Voices Calling for Whites to Die?

On Friday January 4th this year a White man, Lee Pomeroy, and his fourteen year old son were traveling to London by train.  Mr Pomeroy was stabbed to death by a black man on the train.

It turns out the black man had been “hearing voices” in his head which encouraged him to tragically murder Mr Pomeroy.  No details have been given of exactly what the voices in the murderer’s head were saying but clearly Mr Pomeroy was the target for this vicious attack purely because of what his appearance sparked in the mind of his attacker.


Who can have failed to hear voices inciting racial hatred against White people?  Never a day passes without some darling of the mainstream media explaining how White people have harmed non-whites or how “racism” is institutionalised, how Whites are privileged while non-whites are victims.

We don’t imagine these voices.  They are there even in school and university courses. Despite the fact that blacks are disproportionately violent both to their own kind and to others, if there is ever a case of a White person doing anything aggressive towards a non-white this case is blown out of all proportion and used to demonise all White people.

But in the case of a situation like the killing of Mr Pomeroy it is very difficult to find out the race of the attacker. Most sources deliberately obscure this information. Had the same situation been reversed we would never hear the end of it.

An innocent black man murdered by a White man?! This would not only typically be a dragged out news story for possibly years, but it would be presented so that people would imagine black people live in constant fear of attack by “racists”.

Stories like THIS ONE are typical of the rhetoric used to stir up hate and paranoia in black people and to place voices in their heads making them feel White people are their mortal enemies.

If White people really were more racially loyal instead of having their minds warped by the constant shrieking Semitic morality telling us that loyalty to the White race is treason to humanity, then we would not have these situations. We would keep other races completely away from us, so neither we nor they would have to deal with the impossible situation of living in a community together.

~Rev. Jane