Happy 132nd Birthday to The Führer

Here we are publishing a short tribute to the Great Man himself, The Führer, Adolf Hitler.

The elements were so mixed in him that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, ‘This was a man!’

On this day we urge Creators and all racially loyal White people to meditate on the life of the man born in Braunau am Inn on this day in 1889.

Our Founder, Ben Klassen, paid tribute in the chapter of Nature’s Eternal Religion titled ‘Germany, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism’.

Here is a small taster: ‘Adolf Hitler was not only the epitome of a man, but he best represented those qualities that shine forth in the White Race — honor, heroism, genius, creativity, leadership, an artistic spirit, and above all, the readiness to sacrifice himself for the good of his race.’

Very well said. We can learn much from the life of this great leader as we go forward and turn this evil tide.

Take the time to visit the above link to read the chapter, or sit back and listen to the audio.