Gillette Dividing Men and Women


The internet and media is buzzing with discussion about the latest Gillette razor advert.  The content of the advert at no point features a razor and is entirely a mess of bizarre and surreal political moralising.

Male grooming adverts used to put pressure on men to be one way: a man who gets women excited.  Now such ads want to tell men to stop that “sexism” and become very stand-offish, lest he be taken for a would-be rapist.

Here is a LINK to the ad.

Commentators have said that the ad is against what they call “toxic masculinity” and that it is showing men how they should be. Perhaps we will soon be hearing some #metoo revelations about the brains behind this commercial as one wonders how much projection of their own tendencies is to blame for this nonsense.

We see a series of images of young boys chasing the victim of some supposed bullying. It is not clear what their motive is. We see men gesturing crudely towards women as if to sexually objectify them. We see some weird swarthy rapper type guy posing around trying to look like a violent satanic criminal or something to impress a White woman, who does indeed seem seduced.  No logic.

Those speaking with authority on the content tell us: men must stop looking as if they are going to sexually assault women and  should discourage all forms of bullying against other boys and men.  We live and learn!

Is that astounding plea really telling us anything about masculinity rather than about bad behaviour in general? What do those who put this ad together regard as “positive masculinity”?  Just good polite behaviour? That is what everyone already thinks both men and women should aim for – with some assertiveness added for both sexes so they do not allow anyone to exploit them.  This is nothing to do with femininity or masculinity so much as just behaving in a respectable manner.

Of course when women exhibit all the behaviours regarded as “toxic masculinity” and emulate the worst of men, this is regarded by this same “feminist” ideology as somehow a good thing and liberating. Women can pinch men’s bottoms, lear with their tongue out like Miley Cyrus as well as get drunk and vomit on the streets every Saturday night. Nevertheless, in the ad, the women are all helpless, passive, and pathetic.  Rather an insulting portrayal of women is shown in places such as executive board rooms, in which they should be assertive rather than wilting.

So what is all this really about?

It is a continuation of the project to divide men and women so that they dislike and distrust one another.  Men are encouraged to feel that women regard them as an enemy and that they cannot approach a woman with a view to a relationship with her and what should be a normal family life. They are given the impression, not just from this silly ad but from the plethora of other sources in the media, that women will find fault with them and that they could be sexually harassing a woman without even knowing it.

At the same time women are given the impression that men are bad and that masculinity is oppressive.  Yet women dislike weak and disoriented men as well; men who don’t know what they are supposed to be or what their role in society is.

The ad presents a general feeling, an imprint on the psyche, that men are just wrong altogether.

The racial aspect is also very relevant in this advert.

In the real world, no race treats their women better than White men do.  In the real world, sexual assaults on women are overwhelmingly from men of non-white origin.

The Guardian reported that one in three South African men said they had committed a rape. The obvious conclusion is that rape is overwhelmingly from the black majority.

LINK to the Guardian article.

Statistics show that White men sexually attacking non-white women is a very rare situation compared with the likelihood of a non-white doing so in any country.

As with so many films and advertisements, we see these statistics skewed so that black men are heroically protecting White women, and everyone else, from the predatory, evil White men. Imagine how “racist” it would look were this reversed.

The film “Bird Box” is another great recent example of this.

Are White men supposed to improve their characters and stop being violent and rapey when they see these images?  They already know better than to act that way, unlike a lot of black men and Pakistani men who mass rape thousands of girls in English towns such as Rotherham.

Creators in Britain protesting against child rape by Pakistani muslims

The first to start getting annoyed at this insinuation are the White men themselves, who reject the negative image portrayed of them. Many wives, mothers, daughters and sisters also know their men and know their characters.  This ad is not as sharp as it tries to be.

The Gillette advert is just one element in a continual bombardment of propaganda against White men.  A lot of people are observing it now simply because the repetitive scraping has left them sore and irritated.

~Rev. Jane