Gaslighting the White Race

The last couple of weeks I have been looking at various articles and videos about narcissistic personality disorder.

Last night I had a dream where the idea came to me that the White Race, if it were a person, is a person who is being effectively “gaslighted” by a pathological narcissist.

People who have this disorder are cold and calculating. They appear charismatic to other people and pretend to be interested and enthusiastic about what others are doing, when they are honing in on a victim to exploit.

They first charm their victim, then by degrees calculatedly make their victim feel that they themselves are bad and worthless and guilty. The victim ends up with Stockholm syndrome – which is named after a situation in which some people were taken hostage in Stockholm, Sweden and ended up genuinely wanting to defend their abusive kidnappers from prosecution.

It has been said before that the White Race appears to have a case of Stockholm Syndrome but I have yet to read anyone observe the mechanics of the relationship between the victimised White Race and the abuser in terms of: codependent and pathological narcissist. The idea is very much along the same lines however.

Vulnerable people in a close relationship with a narcissist undergo a process called “gaslighting”. After the initial phase of convincing the victim that the narcissist is a truly wonderful person, and (in the case of a partnership) the true soul mate of the victim – the devious narcissist sets about diminishing the other person, called the “codependent” by snide put-downs and blaming them for spurious wrong-doings. This is called “gaslighting” in reference to the 1944 film called “Gaslight”. In the film a psychopathic husband drives his wife mad so that she will trust him and not realise he murdered her aunt.

Some could say examples of gaslighting on the White Race would include – that the White Race is evil and to blame for slavery and all aggressive racism in the world or that endless compensation is owed to the Jews because of “the Holocaust”. Meanwhile people think of the Jews as being wonderful talented and hard-done-by and Israel as a great ally nation regardless of their anger and hate towards us and their nukes aimed at Europe and warmongering attempts that we are supposed to assist them with.

The technique of total chutzpah, telling the biggest lies over and over again with confidence – ie the “big lie” technique that Adolf Hitler identified as a Jewish propaganda method – and of course the technique of “accuse your accuser” – all fall in exactly with gaslighting.

The opponents of Donald Trump have brought up the subjects of narcissism and gaslighting to accuse him. However this is classic “accuse your accuser” – by using narcissitic gaslighting technique to demonise Trump.

They are dragging up trivia that no one regards as important such as suggesting he is “gaslighting”(when it is in fact them) by saying his electoral win is bigger than they want to say it is. These things are so silly that their own gaslighting intentions are clear. They want to drive the reader crazy, thinking that small details like that mean Trump should be impeached and thrown into prison. It beggars belief.

As well as this, the mainstream media is gaslighting in other ways. Take their insistence that Russia has been influencing election results and referendum results all around the world through hacking. This is combined with as many stories they can come up with about Putin (and of course they do this with Trump as well) that hold no weight at all but which are lies told with repeated chutzpah ignoring the facts.  Over and over and over.

Many people are feeling as if they are going crazy because of this gaslighting. But it only works as long as people have the “co-dependent” mindset. As long as people lack confidence in themselves and lack love for the White race,  instead believing the hostile establishment is their master and looks after them, then they will continue to be effectively gaslighted.

Psychologists know that the “codependent” of the narcissist will never be free until they get out of their “self-love deficit disorder”. And here is the key to the job we Creators face in straightening out the White man’s thinking and the method our enemy uses to prevent our race from escaping exploitation.

by Rev Jane