Feminism is Oppression


Young women are not obeying the orders to become “feminists”.  A BBC article revealed that fewer than half of men and women in Europe and America identify as being feminists.

Feminism as a political movement started with calls to allow women to have the vote, or suffrage. That, most would agree, is fair enough. Women also wanted to able to have jobs and not be treated in those jobs differently if they were just as able and qualified to do them as men. Again, fair enough.

Many in the older generation still think that is what feminism is about. They are wrong.

Feminism has become about complaining that women do not get preferential treatment; complaining if women who are less qualified or who work fewer hours and have less talent or experience, not to mention bargaining abilities, do not get the same wages as men who do.

When a job is advertised and has a wage, whoever is employed in that job gets that wage, be they a man or a woman. We already have had this set in law for many years and it remains the case.

Where the law allows for disparity, however, is on the basis of age, with younger workers in the UK, for example, having a lower wage for the same work officially. This is very unfair.

Feminism has become rapidly about demanding that women should behave in unladylike ways, copying the most foul behaviours of the least admirable men. It has been about hating men and blaming all men for the actions of a few.

In most cases feminists blame White men, the race of men who have traditionally been the most courteous and considerate towards women, as if they are no different from the 3rd world savages who beat, kill and rape women in shocking numbers.

Jewish women have played, and continue to play, a central role in feminism. Here a Jewish feminist writes candidly about how proud she is of this fact.

As a student of women’s history in college and graduate school, I came to see the limitations of my childhood perspective, and my own feminist vision was immeasurably broadened by exposure to the work of non-Jewish feminists such as Kate Millet and Audre Lorde. And yet, my youthful assumption that there was something Jewish about feminism seemed to be validated by the disproportionate representation of Jewish women among the pioneers and leaders of the modern American women’s movement.

Feminism should be about avoiding the fate of women who live in non-White countries, but instead the feminists are in favour of bringing in the men who are causing rape epidemics and forgiving them when women are attacked, since White guilt is supposedly responsible for the actions.

Feminism is oppression both of women and men. It is a propaganda weapon to destroy civilisation. Thank goodness most people sense there is something repugnant about it.


On a related note, the Independent reports:

 A pervasive culture of bullying and stereotyping at UK universities is blocking the professorial paths for black female academics.

Really?  There is probably no more bullying or stereotyping of black women in universities than there is of anyone. In fact the likelihood is that these institutions bend over backwards for anyone from a so-called minority group.

The reason such excuses are given is that the universities have to be forced to overlook the abilities of those from such “under represented” groups and ensure they are made into professors or given degrees.

The under-qualified and overly arrogant bullies (the real bullies) will then be given positions even as surgeons, architects, or rocket scientists etc and consequently people will die, buildings will collapse and expensive projects will be doomed to fail. So continues the slide into the culture of idiocy and insanity.

~Rev. Jane