Evolution Continues Without Natural Selection


Some people have a rosy view of evolution, thinking it is a progression from simple creatures through to increasingly complex, superior and intelligent creatures. They imagine that if evolution is allowed to continue unhampered it would result in people who are like super heroes or almost god-like.

A lot of confusion is caused by Darwin’s phrase “the survival of the fittest”.  Ignorant assumptions that this is supposed to mean that evolution favours the strongest, healthiest and most intelligent are wrong. The phrase is misleading as Darwin was referring to the survival of the species in whatever form was most well suited to the environment it currently lives in and ability to adapt should that change.

One of the worst consequences of misunderstanding the idea of “survival of the fittest” is its use to justify extreme individualist competition including cheating, lying and ruthlessness against everyone else. This is termed “social Darwinism” and it is the idea that helps the worst mega rich corrupt capitalists sleep soundly at night, fantasising that nature is on their side.

The Jewish author/philosopher Ayn Rand, who wrote “Atlas Shrugged” uses the psychopathic ethos of social Darwinism to justify toxic self-advancement. Her book is a long-term best seller in the US.

Individuals are irrelevant in evolution. Gene pools consisting of many bodies carrying scoops of that pool and giving back into it for the future generations are what evolves.

With race mixing, many diverse genes are added to another race’s gene pool and any mutations that are not prevented from so-doing will enter the pool as well.

Evolution is essentially just change. It does not have to be linear. It does not have to result in a more intelligent or stronger species.

Those who argue evolution has pretty much halted point to the way that natural selection has been slowed or stopped. They make the point that since civilisation and modern medicine have prevented the death of the weak – prevented the strongest being selected – humans are no longer evolving on this trajectory towards these utopian beings of their imagination.

While natural selection does indeed play a part in the direction of evolution, the fact is that natural selection is really only another word for death. Random mutations in the genome of each individual are creating diversity within populations and the mutations are a form of evolution. This is not helpful evolution as almost all mutations are harmful.

All sorts of defects, diseases and degeneracy are being spread like wild-fire.

Natural selection actually puts the brakes on evolution. The geneticist Richard Dawkins made exactly that point in his writings. Of course we have evolved in the full presence of natural selection up until recent times, but natural selection wipes out the vast majority of mutations as the person with a harmful mutation was so much less likely to have the opportunity to spread their problem into the wider gene pool.

Natural selection keeps a species optimal. As long as the environment is stable, there is no selective pressure to evolve. This is why some creatures like sharks or crocodiles have stayed so similar, while humans were evolving from apes.

We had different forces acting on the tiny minority of helpful mutations, left over after the harmful ones had been curtailed by death (natural selection).  The weeding-out process allowed us to become the amazing and precious White Race.

What is in our hands now, is that we understand this process and we can artificially ensure that the healthiest and most desirable traits are saved and the least desirable genetic traits are lost, without the cruelty of death. We could be using selective breeding eugenics to improve our gene pool and advance despite our environment not necessitating it.

We have this ability if we had the will and opportunity, but instead rapid evolution is happening and it is chaotic and deadly.

“Genetic load” is the scientific term for the collection of harmful mutated genes that mean a species ultimately would no longer survive. Medicine cannot cure everything.

The price of keeping natural selection at bay is this fatal genetic load. Ultimately the dam bursts, natural selection comes back with a vengeance, and the weak are finally sent where they should have been, into the ground.

As far as cruelty versus humaneness, the most kind outcome is that we survive and flourish. That can only happen if steps are taken to protect our precious gene pool from the spread of the harmful present evolution.

We Creators have the ability to see the long-term consequences of defying the laws of nature, and that is a reason why our first Holy Book is titled “Nature’s Eternal Religion”.

~Rev. Jane