Ernst Zundel, Pro-German Martyr has Died

Ernst Zundel died on August 6th this year at the age of 78. A great hero and martyr for justice against Jewish lies and persecution, Zundel endured many years of treatment that most people would not believe happens in the civilised modern world.

Zundel was a magnet for injustice in a way that exposes the hypocrisy and viciousness of the state in the US, Canada and Europe – especially Germany. By looking at how he struggled and was mistreated we see the rotten truth of Jewish privilege.

Ernst Zundel was a pioneering revisionist historian who did his utmost to reveal the fabrications behind “The Holocaust”. He dedicated his life – much time, money and hardship to himself, to this cause. He did not do this out of any wish to cause harm, but entirely because of the harm that is perpetrated on our race – and the oppressive laws stifling freedom of expression.

In the United States and Canada it remains completely legal to question “The Holocaust”. However such speech has been illegal in Germany since the end of WWII and is also a crime in several other European countries.

Ernst Zundel was German but moved to Canada at the age of 19, only to return decades later because he was deported from his home in the US using an excuse that his immigration status was false, extradited to Canada where he was immediately tried for publishing “false news”  (imprisoned for 15 months) and then further extradited to Germany to be tried and imprisoned for speech crimes (5 years in prison at the age of 66)) that were illegal in Germany but which were not illegal in either the US or Canada.

Zundel was a massive thorn in the side of the Jewish establishment, with his trials resulting in great embarrassment to “Holocaust survivors” who could not defend their accounts of events, and the unearthing of evidence that Auchwitz could not have had gas chambers, according to the findings of Fred Leuchter in the famous “Leuchter Report”. Leuchter, who had been employed as an expert on capital punishment methods in the US prison system, was certain of his findings. Now Leuchter is allegedly discredited. If not, then the whole “Holocaust” narrative would have collapsed.

Another associate helping Zundel, Prof. Faurisson, was beaten up by suspected Jewish terrorist thugs, and Zundel’s home was burned down by arsonists – while the authorities in the US turned a blind eye.

Ernst Zundel was the very opposite of a whining complaining victim, but rather he refused to back down and was treated in ways few would believe possible in the present era. He deserves to be remembered with great respect and admiration.

~ Rev Jane