EC/CPM – TCM Reunion

Racial greetings brothers and sisters,

I address you today under a positive note. After many years of working towards the reunification of our great church, we have made some headway. The leaders of the Ecclesia Creatoris/Creativity prison ministries (Brother Chris Korpi) and myself have started the process of bringing us under one banner. Our division only strengthens our enemies, our racial enemies and those enemies from within. The EC/CPM was founded and Created by Rev Mike Todd in 2004. After the arrest of PME Rev Hale there was a great amount of miscommunication. Which led to this division. I personally share blame for some of this. During this time we had multiple attempts of fractionalization. From various entities ranging from deliberate attempts by ZOG agents, to men (i use that term loosely) seeking their own interests. However i know from the dedication of some of these men that their intentions were purely to promote Creativity and racial loyalty. But due to ego’s, including my own and false representation on both sides from people who are no longer around, this division went on for far to long. But if one truly believes in something, wants to fight for it, sacrifice for it, to live and even die for it then they should be able to put these trivial issues to the side for the greater good. That is what we are doing today.

All of the “details” have not been worked out, but they will. This will be a process and we want to make adjustments and considerations for those who want to keep their identities. But we will work these things out. Not everyone will agree or be happy about this but trust in your leadership to do what is best for this church and Creativity. The Creativity Movement has been around since 1973, as we are the original church. Those others that have formed organizations based on our creed should not be shunned, banished or disrespected just for spreading Creativity. We should be encouraging them to rejoin us and combine our efforts. Of course their are some out there that falsely represent our great creed, it is our duty and responsibility to decipher between the two.

Everyday we make positive progress, not only for Creativity but for racial loyalty in general. Our solidarity with the Black and Silver, our ever increasing numbers and our unification is unprecedented. But with the good comes the bad. Many out there hate seeing our progress. Mostly from those who claim to be for the white race yet are sheep in wolves clothing! They will undermine us, slander us, drag our names down, try to turn others on us (as they do on a daily basis). Some of these people may be unexpected attackers. Well, known people and organizations, even elderly family members of important people within Creativity! Whatever the case, whatever the purpose behind it, whatever the causes for it, they will be angry and filled with hate at our progress and will do whatever they can to destroy it. As we try to crawl ourselves out of the hole of negativity there are those with animosity and evil intentions in their hearts who will try to drag us back down. We must not let them! We must stay focused on the positives. Do not give them a platform, do not engage with them. We know many of us have tainted pasts and come from less then savory walks of life. We already know what ramifications these people would face if they brought their attacks to us in person. But in this new age of cowardly, dillusional, despicable actions committed by people via the safety net of their internet fantasy worlds, it puts us at a place where we would have to engage with them on THEIR level. Do not play THEIR game, on the THEIR playground. Instead keep your head down and bull ahead towards the positive path we are on. If the day comes that they linger out from their safety nets and dillusional internet fantasy worlds, that they cross our paths, show them their is accountability for their actions!

Instead of focusing on that however, let us welcome our Creativity brothers from the EC/CPM into The Creativity Movement, with open arms. To celebrate our progress for reunification. Let us in TCM aid them and help them in our combined effort to spread our great revolutionary religious creed of CREATIVITY! And may we together win this RAcial HOly WAr!

Rev James Logsdon