Degenerate Jewish Actress Wants White People to Hate Themselves


Hollywood Actress Rosanna Arquette claims she is full of “shame” for being born “White and privileged”.

(Note how the filthy anti-White Daily Mail uses terms like ‘forthright,’ ‘frank’ and ‘candid’ to describe the brain-dead, hate-filled idiocy.)

However, the viciously anti-White media neglects to inform us that Arquette happens to be of Jewish descent. As we are so often warned, Jews cannot be guilty of anything. Accusing Jews as a group of any wrong doing is immediately “anti-semitic,” regardless of the veracity of the accusation. That is a facet of our artificial and pathological culture.

Demonising White people and our entire history is also a central part of this brown and LGBTQ+ supremacist culture.  This culture we are given by the wonderful Jewish opinion makers, who regard themselves chosen by their god as being better than everyone else.

The article in the Daily Mail, linked above, also mentions the sexual molester Harvey Weinstein, who we are encouraged to think of as being a White man, when he is thoroughly Jewish and acts accordingly.

Jewish people do not identify their group as being part of the White race and indeed have been hostile to the White race for thousands of years.

Arquette, an actress who starred in disgusting filth such as a film in which a couple have a sexual fetish about violent car crash casualties, has much that she could legitimately feel guilt or shame about.

If her particularly Jewish privilege that has made her so rich and successful is something that really bothered her she could give all of her wealth away immediately. Of course Arquette will not be doing any such thing.

Arquette is simply trying to make White people out to be bad. She does so both to incite non-whites to hate us and to encourage White people to hate themselves.

Fortunately she just comes across to the public as a total lunatic. It is likely that  Arquette’s idiotic and attention-seeking outburst just makes White people heartily sick of the barrage of spite directed against us.

~Rev. Jane