A Credo a Day Keeps the Cobwebs Away

It is important for us to know what we believe in. When a person knows what they are about and where they are going, they are in a solid position.
They are not easily taken off course by silly and false ideas. They have strong beliefs.
Many times I have found myself in a position when people tried to influence me with their own confused worldview, some of it rather esoteric and wild.
However, I was able to resist bad ideas by comparing it with the sound creed set forth in our Holy Books.
I was also able to keep my integrity by not simply agreeing with some half baked piffle in order to make a person happy for the moment.
With Creativity, we have an ideology that is the very best. We know what we are all about and it has the most sound foundations.
We just need to keep reminding ourselves of our beliefs, to freshen our minds, to spike our enthusiasm, and keep those cobwebs at bay.
When a person or people have no vision for the future, and no identity, they are vulnerable to exploitation and destruction.
People who don’t know who they are, where they are going, do not value themselves, will put up little resistance against those that do.
We must remember that we are in a battle for survival in a world of struggle.
Those aware of these facts of life and have a strong ideology and identity have the advantage.
We could not find a better example of vulnerability than the White people of today, who are aimless and confused.
White people today are manipulated by sinister forces that are acutely aware of their own identity and worth.
A people without a vision for the future, devoid of a sense of identity, minds manipulated and full of toxic ideas, truly are lambs to the slaughter.
As the Jewish bible makes as clear the summer sun to the Jews, a people without vision soon perish. 
We thrive best when we are being productive. When we see positive results, we feel optimistic and better about ourselves.
It is written in our DNA to get out and work. It gives us that feel-good boost when we get things done and keeps us motivated to carry on further.
Studies have shown that when people are lazy and have no work to do, they become lethargic and depressed. They feel they are without purpose.
When a person gets the engine going and works, it sets the gears in motion and the endorphins pumping. They are more likely to keep on persisting with the hard work.
For an optimistic and full life, human beings need to be productive and they need to see positive results.
In order to be more productive, we must incorporate positive habits.
Positive habits include daily exercise, reading our Holy Books on a daily basis and promoting our religious creed, our One and Only Salvation.
These positive habits are critical to improving ourselves on a personal level as well as improving the whole of our society.
Incorporating positive habits will keep us sharp on a personal level, boost our self-esteem and help with the vital expansion of our faith.
Experts in the field of motivation and self-improvement are unanimously in agreement that the key to success is self-discipline and the incorporation of positive habits.
Self-discipline and positive habits work for people in the business world and the world of sports.
Self-discipline and positive habits are in harmony with the spirit of our creed. After all, has a positive habit ever had a negative effect?
Read and study the works of Ben Klassen on a daily basis, as part of a habit, and discipline yourself to do at least one positive thing to promote our faith.
Incorporate other positive habits, whether it be getting up earlier in the morning or taking pride in your dress and in your grooming. 
Improve yourself in all areas of your life. You will not only improve yourself, you will do our religion proud.
Creators, join me and commit (or recommit) to reading a chapter a day from the works of our Founder, Ben Klassen, every day.
In order to build a religion, and advance our community spirit, we must be focused. We must know what we stand for and keep our eyes firmly on our final goal.
Our Goal: The Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. Building a Whiter and Brighter world.
History keeps telling us again and again that a religious group with a strong purpose, and dedicated adherents, can move mountains.
Join us. Take advantage of all the resources we have available on our website and elsewhere. Both eBooks and audios are available. Utilise all our promotional materials.
No matter the book you choose, remember the slogan I coined several years ago now – a Credo a day keeps the cobwebs away!
~Rev. James Costello