Creators Allergic to Bullshit

Experience of being on the internet has helped me to learn something about myself.  I cannot stand bullshit. This is a characteristic of those drawn to Creativity – the only religion that is about avoiding bullshit.

Before the internet allowed mass contact with other people, it was easy for any of us to delude ourselves that others are not really so different to us in the way they think. We avoided the regular bombardment with total nonsense that is unavoidable on social media, and had no idea of the dedication so many people have towards believing whatever they want to believe. So many people don’t even have a need to use some kind of reasoning or evidence to be sure their beliefs are right. Many actively seek out a worldview in which mysterious woo woo is an essential ingredient. They can find a lot of encouragement to reinforce this madness online. It is viral!

A great thing about our religion, Creativity is that it is the only religion ever that is opposed to bullshit. The scientific method involves selecting the most probable reality and most likely truths, based on evidence. This allows for any necessary amount of change in perception, but only when the evidence appears to back that up. Also if there are stakes involved – for example if one idea is slightly less likely than another however it benefits the race to give a high degree of importance to the less likely idea, then logic suggests an exception to the rule. We would favour the idea that helps us over something that we might otherwise find harms our chances of success, but we would still bear in mind the possibilities. Whether or not to even bother to get to the bottom of the Jewish “holocaust” is a case in point. It’s not worth bothering. We can see how they use this to harm the White race and so we can assume the matter is presented in such a way as to be used as a tool – regardless of its veracity or otherwise.

What we often find is that people who claim to be loyal to the White Race will prefer ideas that are not only far-fetched but also which damage our cause. Believing White people are really the uncivilised degenerate tribe fictitiously chronicled in the Jewish Old Testament, believing in some extinct super race of Nordic giants or believing in any sort of god. Doing so is pointless and makes our dedication to our racial survival less important. Some believe the Earth is flat or that the moon landings are faked. We have to save our race. We have to do it, not some supernatural being, and our folk are the most precious on Earth to us. How can you really think that way if you look up to some kind of superior mythical aliens?

Everything in our holy books is based on a scientific outlook:

Creativity is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, based on the experience of history, based on logic and common sense.

There is no benefit for the White Race to believe in lies. We are Nature’s Finest. We don’t need to resort to any make-believe to justify our worthiness as a race. It is understandable if the other races do need to invent reasons to feel special. There is a basic need to have an identity that you feel some pride in. The others have to imagine  “We Waz Kangz” or that they are God’s Chosen etc.

It has been the case since the dawn of humanity that tribes would regard anyone outside of their ethnic group or tribe as being less than human.  It is no use if they would judge themselves inferior or unworthy  as this leads to extinction. There are no facts that challenge our pride in our race.

A characteristic of our enemies is to encourage a culture that is based on lies. Lies harm the White Race and benefit our enemies. Truth is our friend. We must always be on guard against bullshit.

~ Rev Jane