Crazy Outburst That Helps Our Enemies

A young man, John Earnest, 22, of San Diego, California, is facing life in prison or possibly the death penalty after pleading guilty to killing a Jew at a synagogue and injuring several others.

The shooter will be sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, attempted murder and for what the violently anti-White establishment terms as ‘hate crimes’.

Earnest walked into the Jewish religious building with a rifle and began opening fire, killing one and injuring several others.

It is not clear what, if any, pro-White ideology Earnest adheres to. He was raised in a Christian home, was a member of a conservative Orthodox Presbyterian Church and claims that his actions were in some way inspired by this Calvinist belief system.

The anti-White controlled media appear to agree that John Earnest frequented a ‘dark corner’ of the Internet known as ‘8chan,’ something we are not familiar with. How he came to visit ‘8chan’ and what kind of literature he was exposed to remains a mystery.

Firstly, we want to know if this lad had been taking drugs. Maybe antidepressants? Marijuana/Cannabis, what we mockingly call ‘chonging on the bong’? Meth? There is no mention of it online, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he was up to his eyeballs on some mind altering concoction. (If you discover anything, let us know.)

As pro-White activists, we would say that the controlled media, the ‘woke’ culture and anti-White establishment in general must take a great deal of responsibility for this foolish outburst.

Every chance they get they demonise pro-White advocates, portraying them as crazy, violent maniacs rather than normal, decent people with legitimate grievances and aspirations.

Virtually ALL pro-White people advocate the peaceful dissemination of pro-White ideas. Persuasion is the name of the game.

If we were not so misrepresented and suppressed by the establishment – through controlled media demonisation and banning across the board on all meaningful social media – and we were able to talk to more young people, they would be far less likely to carry out horribly counterproductive acts such as this.

For example, one of the first things Creators do when talking to those that are newly acquainted with our Holy Books is make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that we are a peaceful pro-White religion. This is an understandable procedure, as no doubt some may be confused and get the wrong idea as to what we are about, due to the aforementioned anti-White media portrayal.

We guide our fellow racially loyal White people to our DISCLAIMER and to the section of The Little White Book in which it states ‘Do not resort to any illegal means or methods! Anyone who advocates actions outside of the limits of “reasonable self-defense” and outside the law can be assumed to be an agent provocateur and would be subject to being expelled from the organization.’

Of course, it goes without saying that all of this is backed up by the Works of Klassen, which explains the superiority of this position. Such as, avoiding such a horrible, mind-numbingly stupid scenario as this pathetic episode.

We bring the above quotes to the attention of people and they MUST agree that this is the correct way to proceed, otherwise they are out of here. Out the door. Gone. We should never associate with such a person and tell them to refrain from contacting us in future.

Now if Racial Loyalty and pro-White thinking were not so hatefully demonised, and we were to freely influence the likes of John Earnest and many others about a saner approach instead of having them visit the dark corners of ‘8chan’ or whatever else, we might not see such a dreadful waste.

Not that the anti-White establishment care for such a wholesome alternative. They are virulently, implacably anti-White.

The despicable powers that be would rather see this kind of destructive behaviour happening again and again. The more the better as far as they are concerned. It gives the controlled anti-White media more ammunition to demonise White people and the corrupt ADL, etc., another excuse to fill their Jewish support base with terror and fleece them.