Coronavirus – Made In China

Chinese appetites have horrified us for a long time, not to mention their extreme cruelty towards all animals. Now, apparently thanks to them chowing down on live-fried bats, snakes, raw living baby mice and who knows what, bought from disgusting unhygienic markets, the world faces a new plague.

Scientists analysing the coronavirus have discovered that it jumped the species barrier from bats to either snakes or some other species and now to humans.

Notably, 2019-nCoV was closely related (with 88% identity) to two bat-derived severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)-like coronaviruses, bat-SL-CoVZC45 and bat-SL-CoVZXC21, collected in 2018 in Zhoushan, eastern China, but were more distant from SARS-CoV (about 79%) and MERS-CoV (about 50%).

The disease is in many ways like an especially deadly flu, and it is considered a serious threat to world health, as it may easily become a pandemic.

A dramatic reduction in the world population, especially in the areas where there are burgeoning useless eaters would be good for the planet and everything else living on it provided it doesn’t harm the White Race particularly.

Nevertheless it is reasonable to take care and to be disgusted with the habits of the Chinese who have brought this threat into existence.

Despite their dubious claims of high intelligence, the Chinese show little sense in the way they handle health issues. They will continue with their gruesome diets, including eating aborted babies, while the government lies about the numbers of coronavirus victims and forbids doctors, on pain of serious prosecution, from getting the truth out. One such doctor was arrested and subsequently has died of the virus. 

The levels of pollution in China from industrial sources are also very harmful to their health and will make people more vulnerable to the disease.

Since China has a dictatorship and is not a democracy the government has the ability to act quickly and decisively on any threats to the population, and yet they cannot seem to get their act together.  China likes to present itself, both to its own people and to the world, as a far better organised country than in fact is the case.

If China was a democracy this would only be much worse though. No one would take responsibility, decisions would be hampered by political popularity contests, together with corruption going through the roof.

As happened in the Soviet Union with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Chinese government is embarrassed about coronavirus and afraid that the truth will panic their population, make the officials “lose face” and similarly make China look bad to the outside world.

While the true numbers of those affected are certainly much higher than the Chinese are claiming, we can expect cover-ups by the governments of all other countries as well. They want to keep the workers carrying on going to work, minimise and potential for panic and also are concerned that people are becoming “racist” towards the Chinese.

They would prefer a huge death toll than to risk anyone becoming “racist” in much the same way as mass sexual abuse of girls in Britain by “Asian grooming gangs” (not Chinese but mainly Pakistani) has been (still is) covered up because it is better the girls are raped than that people would be wary of the sort of men that pose a risk and therefore be “racist”.

While there is some possibility that the coronavirus turns out to be a biological warfare agent, this remains unlikely. However it is disconcerting that the Chinese are presently using HIV medicines to treat victims and that the virus has an extraordinary similarity to HIV in its structure.

If the virus is bio warfare it could either be that it escaped from Chinese stocks or is an attack by another country.  It is easy to see why this idea is played down to the public so we can’t really know how likely it is.

Many people are now boycotting Chinese products. There is a possibility the virus could be caught from imports from China that may be contaminated. Then there is the fact that as people look into the whole issue of buying anything from China they realise that it is a bad idea.

People are rightly becoming more and more disgusted by the human and animal rights issues and there is the poor quality and safety standards, plus the fact that it is better to buy more local items which are likely to employ your own people and be ethically produced.  The Chinese economy will be hit hard for sure.

The best policy to stay safe is to avoid all things Chinese and to eat a healthy diet, get the right amount of sleep, wash your hands after going anywhere and stay cheerful as stress is not good for the immune system.

If you are in optimal health then you could even catch coronavirus and shake it off without any symptoms at all.

~Rev. Jane