Conservatives Versus Progressives

Conservative communities do not favour innovation and pioneering individuals – by definition. They are conserving the status quo and regard anything outside of the same old same old as evil. Lots of people THINK that they are conservative just because they value normal healthy behaviour over destructive nihilistic behaviour. This is not being a conservative – this is just having standards.

Creativity is a forward-thinking innovative religion based on the eternal laws of nature. It is time the White Race looked to the age old laws of nature and not “tradition” for the best advice on life.

Conservatives are also taking a strategy of trying to defend what they want to keep about society, rather than taking steps to push away the attackers, whose strategy is to erode the position of the conservatives.

It is a well known phrase “attack is the best form of defence”, but as soon as you use attack you fail to be conservative, whether someone realises that or not.

This is why the society that conservatives hark back to, or try to protect from the new, is always having it’s territory taken and they are always having to take steps back, losing their ground.

It is a losing strategy and completely unhelpful to label oneself as conservative when one is in fact simply someone who wants to protect standards and should be aggressively doing so.

In politics any party designated as being “conservative” in the west is nothing of the sort.  They are all fully pledged to the cultural Marxist notions of so-called progressiveness (in reality regressive as they favour medieval Islam for the future) which is the very attack on both tradition and on common-sense standards of civilised societal norms that conservatives like to pretend they represent.

In politics, conservatism is also associated with strongly favouring capitalism. People are supposed to associate this with an old fashioned, divinely inspired, belief that the rich are made so by god and should be greatly respected and obeyed. The epitome of a true “far right wing” mentality.

However, unrestrained capitalism is a force for destruction and results in the master psychopathic capitalists – something the Jews often boast of excelling in – ripping everything apart for the last shekel they can make. No doubt these criminals enjoy the suffering it causes as well.


A race or a nation are collectives and while private property can and should be allowed, run-away corporate monopolies and misuse of resources, pollution or other harmful “externalising” (dumping nasty consequences) are completely devastating. Nothing is conserved in such an economic system.

We Creators are progressive, not conservative or reactionary and we are Racial Socialists.

~Rev Jane