China has fished all the fish from their own waters and sends fleets of trawlers out to the rest of the world to take what they can from there.

Clandestine Chinese fishing has decimated fish stocks around Africa. Corrupt African leaders are bribed while local communities and fishermen suffer.

Greta Thunberg and similar climate/environment activists have nothing to say about this.

The Chinese have no “catch and release” or sustainable fishing. The idea of leaving the small fish or a breeding population seems not to be in their psyche.

Some like to use the excuse that the Chinese have suffered such bad famine resulting from Chairman Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” (1958 to 1962) that it is somehow understandable that they grasp at everything they can fit into their mouths.

Viral videos show Chinese all over the world snatching birds, cats, whatever they can imagine as food. It is said that there are barely any birds living in the more populated parts of China.

Park bench in Philadelphia US video:

During Mao’s famine, up to forty-five million Chinese starved to death. Historical accounts even from mainstream sources say the Chinese sold their own children to be eaten. This is extreme even by the standards of people with such cruel ideas of animals tasting better if they suffer first, or laws that encourage pedestrian victims of accidents to be run over numerous times as death is preferable to leaving them disabled.

A quote from

“Police reports detail specific incidents of cannibalism. In Linxia, Gansu province, dozens of peasants were arrested in 1960, most for exhuming the corpses of their neighbours and eating them “to survive”. There were 1,289 cases of cannibalism reported in Anhui province that same year.

Chang and Halliday tell of a husband and wife in Fengyang who strangled and devoured their eight-year-old son. Other parents exchanged children so they would not have to carry the shame of eating their own.”

Other nations have been through famines but they do not behave like the Chinese. The Chinese were much the same even before the famine in any case. It looks a lot like a racial characteristic – although, as with all generalisations, there are some who are not like that. Some understand the importance of conservation and care of the environment, and the Buddhist outlook would urge an attempt to stop being so manically greedy. Communism took that aspect away.

Chinese cities are often swamped in deadly smog pollution. That is hardly something to blame on a past famine – nor is the huge trade in Rhino horns, tiger penis or elephant tusks (the whole animal is murdered for them). It is the result of innate character traits.

A lack of regard for the consequences of their grab of sea-life is not what would be expected from intelligent people who could sustain a civilisation long into the future. They would only grow exponentially like a mushroom and then collapse into extinction, dragging most life on Earth along with them.

Charles Darwin studied nature in the Galapagos Islands as key research for his discovery of the mechanics of natural selection. The Galapagos Islands are designated a UNESCO world heritage site.

Recently, China sent their trawlers to the Galapagos Islands and threw their passion into wrecking the environment. They logged a staggering 73,000 hours of fishing in the space of a month, systematically pulling up all kinds of sea-life, destroying the habitat. They are a menace.

Their flotillas sail around the the world, stripping the oceans bare while China continues to face food shortages. “Take, take, take! Eat, eat, eat!” is their motto.

China has built artificial islands in the South China Sea, digging up the seabed and destroying entire ecosystems.

The silence is deafening from the climate activists and media who pay very little attention and no serious action is taken to prevent and prosecute the Chinese for this. Only countries associated with White people are taken to task for our supposed negative impact on the world.

We Creators value the wildlife of our precious planet, the only one we have. Of all the races of the world it is White people who genuinely show the most concern for the natural world, as spelled out many times in The White Man’s Bible and other works.

What is best for the White Race is to enjoy clean air and water in a thriving ecology: a sound mind in a sound body in a sound society in a sound environment.

We don’t want nature’s bounty to be seen as a profit-making, smash-and-grab opportunity where we rob the future of our children’s children. This is one of the virtues of the White Race, a disproportionately altruistic and considerate race.

Creativity is here to follow the eternal laws of Nature and to do our bit to be the guardians of planet Earth.