China Cracks Down on Effeminate Men

The Chinese have noticed how the promotion of effeminate men is used as a weapon to destroy civilisations. They are blaming “the West,” specifically the CIA. Perhaps realising the forces behind this over-eagerness to embrace sickness are the enemy of the White Race.

The Chinese have a mix of capitalism and communism that is increasingly racially loyal and looking more and more like national socialism. It is not the hostile version imposed by foreigners to exploit their host country that we suffer from here. China is planning for the future and sensing weakness abroad.

The whole LGBT+ thing is of course from the Frankfurt School book, along with Critical Race Theory, as often repeated. This, it is no secret, is a philosophy that is Jewish. There is no conspiracy in saying where these insidious ideas originate.

The Chinese authorities announced a ban on “sissy men and other abnormal esthetics” in any form of broadcasting.

Chinese men can easily turn into ladyboys due to their rather delicate features compared to European men. It will be interesting to see to what extent masculinity is going to be bred into the Chinese, while men in our own lands are encouraged to give up on their maleness.

With the Chinese infamous “credit score” people are given a score according to how well they behave and “sissy” men, also called “little fresh meat” are in for a down-grading for their degenerate influence.

This time the Chinese should be congratulated on doing something right.

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