Case Failing Against Julian Assange

The fiasco and kangaroo court trial of Julian Assange is informative to all pro-White dissidents because it is another example of outrageous processes of persecution that our enemy stoops to. We must expect no better when we are targeted by the State.

Founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been imprisoned for several years without conviction. Despite clearly not being a spy, he was charged under the “Espionage Act”. For years before his arrest, the US and its allies were searching for any excuse, any allegation to get Assange.

The corrupt establishment organised smear campaigns and Grand Juries etc. and Assage is under threat of being sentenced for 175 years in prison. Yet the charges so far have all been false.

WikiLeaks was a threat to the establishment because it was a way for whistleblowers or anyone to anonymously have information published.

Assange can be described as an editor or as a journalist but there is no evidence he himself ever did any espionage.

Neither the Republican nor Democrat parties in the US would stop the prosecution. They are keen to prosecute Assange since they are the real criminals who want to jail those who reveal truths.

Now the key witness in Assange’s “case” admits to lying.

The charges focus on Wikleaks publishing hundreds of thousands of US military reports supplied by whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Manning (a male to female transsexual and generally nutty degenerate) is also in prison.

It speaks volumes as to how weak the case is that the key witness against Assange would be an oddball by the name of Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson.

Thordarson’s identity and history has been exposed, causing the case itself to fall apart. Yet the pieces will no doubt be ignored and the prosecution will still try to continue with a case that never held any water at any point anyway.

It is a ridiculous bogus case that should never have been close to being taken seriously and is now at the point of such absurdity that “you couldn’t make it up” as a plot for a fiction novel.

Thordason has admitted to lying about everything, so that the FBI could give him immunity from prosecution for his crimes.

It has been revealed that this witness has a history of clinical sociopathy and has been convicted several times for sexual abuse of children and for major financial fraud.

Thordarson admitted that he continued his criminal activities while an informant/witness for the Dept of Justice and the FBI. Talk about the authorities scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to get any dirt on Assange! This guy was the prosecution’s best hope!

This is the kind of low-life the FBI regularly looks to when building a case against a dissident. Criminals who will say and do anything just to get a lower sentence or immunity for themselves for unrelated crimes. This is how far they go in order to build an unfounded case against their political enemies.

The aim is to frame someone. “Lie about this guy and we’ll let you off”.

Thordason lied to the US authorities, leading them to think he was once a close associate of Assange and they believed him while knowing him as a liar, embezzler and sexual abuser of kids.

It seems that Thordarson had volunteered to raise some money for WikiLeaks in 2010 but used that opportunity to embezzle more than $50,000 he stole from WikiLeaks. Yes, they got someone who was stealing from Assange’s project to testify against Assange. Immunity from being prosecuted for that theft was exchanged in order for him to become a witness.

Thordarson pretended Assange had instructed him to try and hack into the computers of a member of parliament. He has since admitted he lied about that.

Then Thordarson claimed he and Assange had tried to decrypt a file stolen from an Icelandic bank. It turns out this file was widely available online having been put there, shared by a whistleblower from the defunct bank.

Many people all over the place had been trying to decrypt it, thinking it might reveal a clue to what precipitated the 2008 financial crisis. Publishing it was fully legal as it was already leaked on the internet.

Edward Snowden, the famous NSA whistleblower who told the world how the NSA spies on everyone, tweeted that this must be the end of the case against Assange. It should be. Right now Assange is being tortured in Belmarsh Prison.

The public has been deceived over this case far too long. It is a clear example of how the state treats those who show their corruption and tyranny to the world.

We also saw in the case of Matt Hale the same sort of outrageous framing, scheming and exaggerations resulting in a preposterous conviction.

In conclusion, there is nothing too ridiculous that it cannot happen when it comes to such kangaroo court cases.