Capitalism : Personal Greed as an Ideology

Crony Capitalism is always the reality with capitalism. Property ownership is not per se “Capitalism”, because Capitalism implies an ideology based upon garnering capital and putting that mindset before other considerations. This cannot fail to dehumanise.

We all have heard the Marxist excuses about Communism where they say “but that was not REAL Communism” when confronted with the failures of the Soviet Union and other Communist countries.  However this is also a common refrain when people who are taught to hate socialism altogether promote Capitalism as the ideal financial system for people (not necessarily for a state as I will explain).

So we are talking about a system for a group of people to follow which basically is about them NOT working as a team.  (Except strategically for individual reasons and with no loyalty). This as a prescription for a nation state is as ridiculous and impossible as any absurdity from  “Alice in Wonderland”.

The majority of people who vacuously denounce “socialism” and advocate “capitalism” have only the vague idea that “socialism” is about funding parasitic people with the hard earned taxes from responsible wage earners.  This indeed is how our enemies fleece us and promote socialism.  Most so-called socialists are really all about redistribution from ordinary hard workers to entirely selfish individuals who are very keen to TAKE but never want to give anything themselves.  Look at the immigration from the 3rd world of people who see an opportunity to be funded, but on the whole never show any altruistic or reciprocal kindness themselves.

We Creators are true socialists, as socialism only really exists where you have a situation where a group truly cares for one another and is willing to keep their side of the bargain by assisting their society rather than aiming to drain profit for themselves from it. Socialism is team work.

It is ironic that Capitalism (like the parasites that take from a welfare system but do not contribute anything  worthwhile in return)  is based upon individuals draining wealth from others and viewing absolutely everything in terms of how much money it is worth.  What could be more dehumanising and damaging to society?

Clearly then, the attitude of an immigrant coming to enrich themselves from the welfare state is just as selfish and capitalistic as a business owner who wants to extract maximum wealth from workers and with no care for wider society or the impacts of his business (especially corporations) on the environment, society and civilisation itself.

The capitalist mindset is the same mindset of the parasite who sucks from the state.  It is not socialism but an abuse of socialism to facilitate this.  Add to that the plethora of sexual perverts or minorities who are labelled as “socialist” simply because they are aiming to make their “community”  (really themselves) more powerful and free to follow what is a highly individualist and inconsiderate lifestyle. They are really perfect capitalists.

The reality of Capitalism is crony Capitalism, where there is an organised corrupt network that promotes their own, each for their individual advantage.  This is how all capitalism turns out in the real world.

Those who say “that is not real Capitalism” are caught out when one points to the fact that this is the reality of Capitalism, while their dreamy ideas are some sort of confused pie in the sky.

Socialism requires a strong state. All political students know this.  Capitalism, which is on the right wing (where no racial loyalist should regard themselves as being) wants as much of the state’s responsibilities and services privately owned for profit as possible. This would include roads, policing, health services, prisons, water, air quality, owning slaves, running brothels, patenting your DNA and just everything and anything that some ruthless entrepreneur thinks they can own to extract wealth from the rest of us.

Racial socialism is the best possible system for the White race.  We get the fairest arrangement and laws to prevent corruption and destruction of the environment. The more diversity, the less possible it is to have any organically constructed society as the genetic interest becomes all about division and self profit at the expense of everyone and anything.

Read Nature’s Eternal Religion Book 2, Chapter 6, “Racial Socialism”.

~Rev. Jane