Biden Abusing US Military to Create Third World Totalitarian Army

Biden, the puppet (or ‘Resident in Chief’ as some prefer), has been steadily purging the ranks of the military, removing many of the top brass and thinning out the lower ranks.

The army now has wokeness training to smoke out anyone who doesn’t conform to the neoliberal globalist lies.

Any captain of a ship, for example, who has ever in his life expressed any views Biden’s people would not like, faces being sacked. Yet isn’t this the ultimate disrespect to the US armed forces?

When their own “Commander in Chief” is purging the ranks for ideological reasons, it is a real slap in the face.

A long-standing norm was that it didn’t matter if individuals in the military held different beliefs from the ruling party or the President. General Mattis and other officers differed in their views from Trump. No action was taken.

Being in the military in itself implies loyalty to the country: the Star Spangled Banner mindset. That mindset is self-fulfilling propaganda, and effectively instills patriotic feelings in the troops. It may not always work but generally it does.

The US army pulls together at their job of attacking the “enemy” they are told to kill.

The Biden administration appears to be trying to soften and weaken the military. That is the objection from those who point to recent army advertisements where the recruitment differs wildly from the approach of Russia or China for example.

It can be argued that the real aim is not so much to weaken the military, but perhaps very specifically to remove those who have populist, nationalistic or traditionalist views, together with any White racial loyalists.

Historically, ideological purging on this scale is a precursor to tyranny, to genocide or at least some major oppression within the country imposing it.

The government is corrupt to the point of being paranoid about the people, especially the White population.

This is a move to a war footing that looks more aimed at a domestic than a foreign enemy.

Every White American should be alarmed. Those most blind to the threat are the people who like Biden and believe the mainstream media image of him as well-meaning and a capable President.

The ideological purging of the troops is for power and profit, not out of any worthy motive. The military is in some ways being hardened rather than softened. Hardened against the enemy they may soon be fighting.

If the soldiers are going to be used domestically, then it will be to enforce a woke, virulently anti-White tyranny. They will be very brutal in doing this, taking inspiration from the Bolshevik treatment of Russians perhaps. How tough they are depends on the training and their resources.

The US legacy media is propping up a rogue administration, engaging in a sinister agenda. It is opening a new chapter in US history. The idea that Trump was the “fascist” breaking the mold is not true, no, it is Joe Biden who is doing so.