Battery Farmed Humans – Vaccination Scandal

We live in a world where irrational thinking is encouraged, while logical thinking is under systematic threat. Apart from the whole anti-White movement to ditch the scientific method in favour of feelings and wishful thinking, there is also a strong tendency to conformity and appeal to authority.

“Appeal to authority” is a form of logical fallacy in which one is expected to need no further proof of something than that someone in authority has made a statement on it.

While any important figure or supposed expert can be put in the position of being the infallible authority, it is most commonly found in the case of a religiously unquestionable figure or of course in the case of a god.

Why do people agree to vaccinate their babies and young children?

Many of them feel very strongly that vaccination for basic childhood illnesses such as measles or chicken pox is essential.  Where does their conviction on this matter come from?

The pharmaceutical industry, “Big Pharma,” is a dangerous, money oriented racket. Never mind even getting into that part of the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which states in Protocol number 10 that inoculations will be used to make people submit to Jewish control.

Compulsory medication by enforcing vaccination is an outrageous assault on our health and our liberty.

It makes no sense that, of all the actions the State could take to improve health conditions, they would avoid outlawing refined sugar, thus reducing obesity, or sterilizing those with inherited severe diseases or enforcing healthy lifestyles.

Instead they push ineffective and poisonous cocktails produced by corporations for profit and inject them into the pure and innocent young new born baby who cannot resist.

People are increasingly becoming battery farmed workers, with the wealth gap increasing and the poorest being kept in crowded urban sprawls, without the right nutrition. Like chickens in battery farms, these unfortunate masses are dosed with fluoride (for passivity), antibiotics, opioids and vaccines among other drugs.

Let’s explore some reasons people have convinced themselves, or been convinced, that vaccination is necessary.

1. Everyone else does it.

In fact quite a lot of people refuse to be vaccinated. Surveys have found that those who shun vaccination do not belong to any particular group, unlike what is found with many other ideological stances. Anti vaccers are found on the so-called “right” and “left” – with those on the “right” being a little more motivated by their individual liberty and those on the left just a bit more likely to object on ethical or health reasons. Those who oppose vaccination can be poor or wealthy, religious or not, urban or countryside dwelling.

The fact that anti vaccers are so spread throughout different types of people is a strong indication that they have not simply decided to follow a view that basically fits in with their demographic or their political persuasion. They have given the matter some serious consideration, unlike the herd that queue obediently to be abused.

2. Because I trust medical science

Believing in science rather that superstition is a good thing. The problem is with vaccination and with the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is that it is seriously corrupt and based on profit as well as social control. Doctors are paid a fee by the companies producing the vaccines and given free holidays and all sorts of incentives, while any doctor who would speak out (and there are some) risk their career.

There are many corroborating sources if you put “doctors bribed vaccine” in a search engine and look yourself. Bear in mind also that doctors are known to be heavy users of drugs, often also alcoholic and that they cause millions of patients to become drug addicts.

Studies into the safety of vaccines are subject to censorship and mafia style threat.

3. Because I trust the government and the media

People must be putting a lot of trust into these most notoriously dishonest institutions but seriously who feels confident in making such a naive statement? It is self-deception to turn a blind eye to the track record of the government and the media with their lies.

4. Doctors know best

As mentioned before there are a number of brave doctors who are against vaccination. As also mentioned there is a carrot and stick approach to keeping the doctors supplying the poison. Doctors are extremely fallible anyway. Most of them are just doing a job. Few of them really look into the details of any of the ailments they are treating, often meaning that the patient is better educated on their own condition than the arrogant doctor is.

5. I do not want to try to evaluate the evidence for the arguments for and against

This is the lazy attitude of just doing as you are told.

6. No one is harmed by vaccination

People are certainly harmed. Most obviously we can consider vaccine scandals which you can be sure are going to get more and more common – despite any cover up attempts. The vaccines are increasingly manufactured by people who would take any opportunity to use dangerous substandard ingredients or make counterfeits. In a non-white majority country in which standards of hygiene are regarded as relics of “White supremacy” it would be surprising if anything at all that is mass produced is safe.

There have been very serious vaccine scandals affecting the confidence in vaccination in China involving rabies and DPT. (Editor insert: the Chinese have so little confidence in Chinese made baby formula that they pay a fortune for baby formula made in Britain, Australia, etc.. EXAMPLE ARTICLE)

In Britain up to 200 vital workers such as nurses and firefighters were affected and left disabled.

Experts believe the injections caused the health problems, which include chronic fatigue, muscle pain, weakness and cognitive problems, because illnesses developed soon after vaccination. In one case Steve Robinson, a previously fit 43-year-old father of three, was vaccinated six years ago against hepatitis A, B and polio, tetanus and diphtheria as part of his work as a forensic specialist.

Two days later he became ill and developed muscle weakness and chronic fatigue. Mr Robinson, from Morpeth, Northumberland, is now 60 per cent disabled, which an industrial injuries tribunal put down to the vaccinations.


A form of regressive autism, in which a child declines in cognitive abilities, may be caused by the MMR vaccine. Dr Andrew Wakefield found evidence of this and is now a pariah for his research. His reputation was shredded and yet there is good reason to suspect he was correct but a threat to the corrupt medical establishment.

Proving vaccine damage is almost impossible due to the rules on how to report it and the determination to say that it is just coincidence.

Many people who are vaccinated turn out not to have even been immunised and go on to catch the disease – sometimes with the vaccine even making the disease much worse than otherwise would be the case.

The Philippines is prepared for a “worst-case scenario” after warnings that a vaccine against dengue fever could cause symptoms of the disease to become more severe.


Young women are dying and losing the ability to have children after the HPV vaccine.

I haven’t the space to go into all of this.

Good nutrition and all the right vitamins are the biggest protector from severe symptoms to diseases. Measles is closely linked to vitamin A deficiency for example.

7. It protects my child

If your child would be a normal healthy child, then childhood illnesses like chicken pox, mumps and measles would be caught naturally and improve the immune system without any problems. There are a tiny minority of weak children who would suffer much worse, but the damage done to the healthy from these vaccines does not make it reasonable to force everyone to have them.

8.The vaccine protects weaker children from catching measles, etc., from my child

In the long term nature maintains the health of a population by weeding out the weakest rather than saving them to spread their weak traits, making everyone in the future congenitally sick and medically dependent.

9. I can rest assured that my child or myself will not get that illness.

It has been mentioned already that there have been cases of vaccinated people still catching measles, etc..  Officially the statistic for catching measles after all the required vaccinations stands at 3%. However bear in mind additionally that the symptoms are often so mild for a healthy person that they wouldn’t even report it. Therefore far more people who are vaccinated probably are still catching measles.

Another factor is that over-cleanliness causes immune illnesses and trying to avoid all kinds of contamination including these milder illnesses that babies are vaccinated for is therefore not priming the immune system for life as may be needed.

10. Aren’t vaccines responsible for wiping out diseases like polio and small pox?

In fact these diseases were declining independently of vaccination and it has more to do with better living conditions.


11. I am afraid of feeling personally responsible if my child was harmed by these diseases

There is a lot of appeal in this fear. The authorities can be blamed if your child is made ill from vaccination or everyone can pretend that vaccination certainly had nothing to do with it. Much easier to off-load any feelings of responsibility by suggesting the authorities and not the carer has full responsibility. However making the most conscientious decision is far morally superior to just turning your back and blaming someone else. You should be weighing up the choices and accept that there is danger to health no matter what. At least by refusing vaccination you are not handing over your child to a proven abuser whose long-term goal for them is certainly not in keeping with a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.

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Our founder, Ben Klassen described modern medicine as “a huge multi billion dollar fraud”.  Read Creative Credo no 4 in The White Man’s Bible.

~Rev. Jane