Atheists Allowed in “Heaven” says Pope

A few months after Pope Francis became Pope/Head of the Catholic Church, he proclaimed that God would not turn atheists away from “salvation” and would allow them into Heaven.

Pope Francis also reassured a grieving child that his dad was in Heaven.

This is the same Pope that endorsed same sex civil unions and LGBT+ rights.

It’s a great example of how Christianity is all over the place and interpreted in any number of ways – be it by ordinary people who consider themselves as Christians or by priests of the highest levels.

Every Christian is different and invents their god in the image that suits them and their religion also accordingly.

This is not something we Creators do. We have a rock solid religion which will always and forever stick to our 16 Commandments no matter what.

What really is a religion even worth if it can be altered in its message? Perhaps altered to fit with sentiments or laws made by those who want to control a religion and who argue any of its adherents is blameworthy if part of their religion will not change to accommodate the diktats of the law. 

Our Holy Books refer to blacks with the word ‘nigger’. While it is not legal for us to use such language in public the word cannot now be changed by someone who wants to tinker around, as we revere our Holy books and the choice of language is there to distinguish our precious White Race from those we would lose our racial existence by proximity to. There is no aggression in the choice of word carefully picked to strengthen the “us and them” dichotomy in the same way that the Jews call non-Jews such terms as: “goyim,” “gentile,” “shiksa,” etc.. It is an ingredient of a religion that outsiders are regarded in a negative way and such words are there to encourage in-group unity.

Among Christians, the Protestants primarily, if not exclusively, preach that to get to “Heaven” requires only faith. Thus no matter how much of a sinner someone is, if they simply believe in the mythical Jesus, who died for their sins, they are getting in. 

It is highly unlikely that Protestant preachers would entertain the notion that someone who just did good things (“good works” as it is termed) but had no belief in Jesus would get to “Heaven”.

It is interesting that since Catholics traditionally preached that it takes both faith and also “good works” to get to Heaven, the Pope now puts the emphasis on the “good works” alone.

Of course there is no universal agreement on what “good works” are, and while Jesus, according to text, urged giving in to enemies as a good thing to do, we Creators take the opposite stand point to save our Earthly chance at having people like ourselves born again long into the future on this planet.

The current Pope is saying that if an atheist lives according to their own conscience then their lack of faith will not stop them being accepted into the afterlife where all are serving God non-stop day and night. And don’t forget the window into Hell where you can watch all those who didn’t make it as they are sadistically burned in Hell forever. Nice…

It is hard to imagine that the Catholics are overjoyed to hear this considering they thought they would only be sharing their mindless duties in eternity with others who had gone to church, confession, prayed, paid money to the church and all that stuff. A bit of a waste of effort, they might well conclude. 

Maybe it would end up with trillions of horrified and sickened atheists looking through the window into Hell, while the comparatively guilt-ridden Catholics are on the other side being punished.

Pope Francis has done one good thing from the view of Creators. He has no doubt made quite a few Christians stop to wonder why they should even bother with the nonsense, since even non-believers could be prioritised over them. 

Once they become disillusioned, perhaps they will be more likely to appreciate the wisdom of Nature’s Eternal Religion.

~Rev. Jane