Appeal to the Creators


The Creativity Movement must speak up on current events in Europe. No one else but us. No organization or association is more obliged to do so, to find deliverance from the current madness of political correctness and its disgusting bastard, which is called immigration from – war zones of Syria and the Middle East. All this chaos is the result of tolerance, cultural Marxism and “love of neighbor”. These pernicious notions have taken effect, which is now the most important and unresolved issue faced by the countries of the old continent.

The reason for this decadence has its oddity in the election to the presidency of the United States, Islamist and leftist – Barack Hussein Obama. The second, and very important factor, is a multicultural society of western countries. In view of this situation, the rulers are afraid of reprisal attacks their own hinterland. It basically is just a matter of time, given that several thousand pseudo-citizens of Britain and France went to fight on the side of the Caliphate. After returning, slashing “infidel’s”, the White Englishman or a Frenchman throats would become simple for those fanatics, like opening a can of sardines, for which a reward will await them in heaven.

These two reasons are the true background of the current passivity of the anti-terrorist coalition’s countries and NATO on the barbarism of so-called Islamic State. The gendarme of the world, which until recently boasted to be the US, without any emotion looks at the brutal executions on opponents of ISIS. Muhammad’s followers fanaticism reached its peak, when they began to destroy priceless monuments of antiquity. The Egyptian pyramids are at risk too.

While the western world has limited their actions to describing these vile acts as a war crime, they don’t even think about pulverizing the worm, which is caliphate. Just remember, as a term of George W. Bush and Tony Blair’s decision to invade Iraq was taken against the wishes of the other NATO countries. The alleged weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein had to have in their arsenals remained in the realm of fantasy of the president’s Zionist advisers. The decision to withdraw troops from the region had to had the opponents among people decision-making levels of government. Even given the chaos and anarchy, not to mention the thousands of soldiers who died in vain, while bringing “democracy and freedom”, because such slogans guided the Iraqi campaign. But withdrawing from Iraq and leaving it to itself become a reality. For the rest of the region’s countries a wave under the name “Arab spring” have spread. Was it really “spring”? History will judge. However, the sum summarum – those who flee the madness of the Caliphate, are heading for the EU countries. And this is due to the strange policy of “rulers of the world”. The heads of government in Europe compete in hospitality to thousands of racially and culturally foreign fugitives. Media show how the satisfied residents greet with flowers and balloons the crowds of refugees. The reality is quite different. On the internet you will see the true attitude of Europeans. And no one will get mislead by television programs in which a Polish woman is happy with marrying Syrian.

So what should we do? Produce stickers and leaflets. Agitate. Use social engineering measures to educate and convert the White People. With religious zeal, which no party or association with program similar to ours ever had. We never had to ask ourselves questions whether our holy cause is just or not. This society and millions of White people, deceived day by day, just realize that we were right. We are the Creators and preachers of new White Religion. We need to use our creative potential to realize the sacred historical mission, which is the defense, development and expansion of the White Race. The same power and the will to survive, which our ancestors had thousands of years ago, which allowed them to achieve great things, raise the civilizations as Egyptian, Persian, Greek, etc., the same creative energy potential lies in all of us. Paradoxically, today’s situation may allow us to increase the popularity of the Movement and win the battle for the White souls. Anyone who knows the history, knows that sometimes it was just circumstances, seemingly difficult and hopeless, which allowed an idea to reach millions of hearts. Just remember the difficult years of the 20th century, to understand that it is precisely such moments that unite people. And remember that it is usually one person, simple and unknown, who saves a nation and is cast to pages of history. And to make it more fun, I recall that it was an ordinary shoemaker Dratewka who saved Krakow.

Dear Brothers and Sisters – The Creators – you are messengers of the most noble idea world has ever seen. You are preachers of the White Racial Religion. The pioneers who HERE AND NOW create the history of our religion and our race. Yes! We create history of the White Race! Each of us. There is no finer moment than the dawn waking us up with gold-and-red glow of the autumn sun, gives energy and enthusiasm to work. Every new day can become that date, of which our children will learn at school, and perhaps it will be a new celebration of the Creativity Movement.

So let us get to work, Brothers and Sisters! The sun rises! White Dawn is coming!


Imperator Titus Caesar Vespazian Augustus

by Brother Arthur

TCM Poland