Creator Activist Storm in England

Activism speaks louder than words!

Our fellow adherents have been rather busy distributing literature and talking to White people around the country. Here are a few pictures that were sent to us, mainly from the North West and South West of England. The message is plain and simple: the White Man is in dire peril and only a racial religion for White people can save the day. Namely Creativity.

Creators operating around the Merseyside area inform us that signs at almost all public transport stops are covered with race-mixing imagery in what is a mostly White area.

As one local Creator put it: “Merseyside is overwhelmingly White. Over 90% White according to official statistics. Yet practically every bus stop, even in the quiet all-White villages and country roads, are covered in race-mixing imagery. One in particular shows a group of ‘cool’ non-white student types, grinning and waving as if to say ‘we’re coming to enrich you!

To think that this kind of insidious, brain-polluting filth is being funded by the average White taxpayer. Paying to be told over and over again how ‘great’ and ‘wonderful’ it is to be mongrelised and replaced by third worlders.

The race-mixing imagery caused one Creator to speak of an ‘Operation Sticky Bus Stop,’ where they would endeavour to cover up this hateful anti-White material with something more wholesome and pro-White.

Then we come to an enthusiastic new adherent from Exeter in Devon. Commenting on pro-White activism, as well as acknowledging the importance of waking up White people, this Creator remarked: “Upsetting liberals makes me smile. Those who object to our message of ‘SAVE THE WHITE RACE’ are the lowest of the low. They are people who would be happy to see our demise.

They added: “It’s important to promote a good image. Respectable, well spoken truth straight between their eyes. I look forward to recruiting many more people to Creativity and getting a congregation going. This will give us strength and motivation, knowing and interacting with loyal racial comrades that support one another. It makes the world of difference.”

The enthusiasm of one Creator even caught the attention of a local newspaper, the Exeter Express and Echo, which has a circulation of over 20,000. Much of the story is a lot of nonsense, of course, implying that Creators have ‘come out of the woodwork’ after Donald Trump won the US election. Creators are constantly putting out pro-White material. Much of which is ignored. Only now is the controlled media taking notice, as they have their own agenda. Not that we are complaining. This is decent publicity with a wholesome message.