Activism “behind the lines”

Can you be an active promoter of Creativity without mentioning what are your attitudes?

Most of the people who consider themselves as members of some organization are often prone to symbolism. Creators are no exception here. Many of us like our flag and our White Emblem logo. But, there is also another side to the propagation of our ideas.

Anyone can say, “I’m a Creator” or “I’m a racialist,” or can show the White Emblem somewhere on his shirt, and people will immediately react on this. Often the reaction will be negative.

But what if you promote ideas of Creativity in a more subtle way, and don’t let anyone actually know what you are representing?

Almost all will agree that some form of media is among the most effective tool for putting ideas into the minds of the people. But does the mainstream media actually tell you directly which organization they represent? Do politicians tell you who are their real masters?

Take example from the (((‘chosen people’))), the Jews. They don’t talk so much about who they are or to which organization do they belong. This is usually hidden and they don’t brag about that. Often they even hide the fact that they are Jews and they certainly don’t speak about the sources of their ideas.

Hollywood is probably the best example. It promotes interracial marriages, sexual deviation, historical lies and fantasies, and even Jewishness for decades, and most people still don’t know who’s behind all that. Some know, but most people are not aware who is planting those ideas into their minds. Even when you mention who is behind all this, people attack you.

Well, it’s the same thing with any other ideology or even religion.

You can promote Creativity in a subtle way, and it can be really effective. The reason is the psychology of the human mind. Remember the story about the frog and hot water? It is the same with the human mind.

Using so-called “alternative media,” and not mentioning who you really are, there’s a subtle way to promote every part of our ideology without any direct mention of Creativity itself, or showing our symbols.

If people don’t see any direct symbolism, they are prone to this easier approach, and they don’t get immediate aversion towards what are you saying.

Examples from real life, like personal stories about migrant rapes, criminal, drug use, and also White flight phenomena are very acceptable because they cause emotional distress among readers or listeners. All media are using this to implant ideas in people minds, so why shouldn’t we?

Some of our guys are exactly doing this in Europe, and they are getting good results, with more and more readers every week. Of course, no one knows who they actually are, and we will even not mention in which country they are doing this.

There are groups that don’t hide their ideology and they are also getting good results, like guys from Nordic Resistance Movement in Scandinavia.

Still, there are countries that are prohibiting this open national-socialist or racialist speech. That’s why other media don’t speak about who they are, but instead speak about real life problems.

There’s no obstacle to promoting the ideas of Creativity in a subtle way, especially if you are not sure how your public will react. You can always do it “hidden” behind the real facts that you present.

Be active, promote our beliefs in every possible way!

~ brother Alex