A Perverted Step Too Far

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” – Aristotle

A victory was won in Birmingham, England, last week.

A school that is at the forefront of teaching children as young as five years old about how wonderful homosexuality and transsexualism is has been blocked from making such lessons compulsory.

The liberal leftists who promote sexual deviancy found themselves outraged with the mainly Muslim (also some Jewish, Christian and presumably atheist) parents who have various strong objections to the programme.

It is always telling and quite amusing to see these cultural Marxists tie themselves in knots being “Islamophobic” in their anger at traditional values blocking new and strange ideas that will confuse and warp the minds of the young.

Clearly these fools think homosexuals and transsexuals are higher in their bizarre victim heirarchy than the brown Muslims they like to fawn over. This sets the stage for the Muslims to become increasingly fed up with the phony socialists.

Meanwhile, the champions of these sexual minority perverts are largely White or Jewish middle class ignoramuses and enemies of healthy morals. They really are not socialist at all, since anyone can be part of a weirdly behaving identity group and not have to care one bit about any economic fairness in the workplace for the normal people.

They can just as easily be a wealthy capitalist and indeed their utterly self-absorbed outlook justifying their degeneracy is more what you would expect from someone truly “extreme right wing” economically speaking. No consideration for the society, only their personal indulgence.

The sinister teaching by the state of young children, to go against the traditions and wishes of their parents, is a cause for concern. The agenda is to influence the adults by having their offspring come to them with all sorts of  strongly enforced beliefs, because turning the adults around without the help of the brain-polluted children is too difficult.

The thinking of young children is being cynically used to reshape values in society.

People are suggesting that it is purely because of bigoted religious views that the parents at the Birmingham school objected to this perverted step too far. It is not necessary to believe in Spooks in the sky to disagree with such indoctrination by the hostile state.

Simply knowing the consequences of the homosexual lifestyle and how many transsexuals are mentally disturbed and end up as drug addicts or committing suicide would be reason enough for any loving parent to be very concerned.

Other than basic biology, all sex education should be the responsibility of the parents. Young children should be allowed a childhood free of such adult matters. They need to grow up gradually and learn critical thinking skills and personal responsibility before they can process the rights and wrongs of abnormal concepts.

Parents must oversee their children’s moral lives rather than the government. History has shown us that governments and states have very flawed, dishonest, ideology and that when they force feed it to people it never ends well.

~Rev. Jane