A History of My #WhitePrivilege vs. Modern #BlackPrivilege

I have seen the hashtag ‘#BlackPrivilege’ appear on social media a time or two. I believe there is even a novel or two that uses it. But very rarely used in the context it should be. Let us look deeper at it, its intention and impact.

Obviously the term is a direct response to the liberal white agenda term of ‘white privilege’. But who is really privileged?

Although it goes against Creativity’s perspective of ‘never again through the serpents eye,’ as taught in the White Man’s Bible, I would still like to first evaluate their viewpoint on what privilege we have.

To start, myself like many others, view this as comical. We have never experienced such privilege. Rather, the exact opposite. We have been victims of entitlements given to other groups over us.

But in the liberal mindset, that is false. We are just given every opportunity in life, according to them.

From social to economical, in politics to employment, society goes out of its way to give us every opportunity to succeed, to get into positions of power and authority, so we can rule over the poor disenfranchised (so-called) minorities, with our deep hatred.

Apparently we have built all this so-called power up through centuries only by holding others down. So the end result, I guess, is that we should feel guilty, give up our (imaginary) privilege and lay down for others to succeed.

Hmm, wasn’t that the point of the civil rights movement? The Equal opportunity laws and affirmative action?

But let me slow down and first look at MY privilege.

My family on the Logsdon side didn’t have any such thing. In fact we had the same disadvantages that so many ‘oppressed’ blacks throw in the face of society today.

My family are descended from an Irish slave, who sold himself into slavery to a ship captain to escape poverty, famine and starvation in Ireland.

Once my ancestor arrived in America, he was sold out of the port of New York. He was bought by a rich plantation owner in Ohio and moved to his farm.

A far better fate than many other Irishmen who were usurped by the city and government and forced into ‘indentured servitude’. A much different title than ‘property’ or slave given to black Africans, but the exact same meaning.

A quick American history lesson: Between the 18th and 20th century, in the bigger east coast cities, impoverished Irish immigrants were appropriated as ‘indentured servants’. Because the wealthy, aristocratic elite of the time did not want African slaves in the cities or living anywhere near them.

Most African slaves were moved down south and seldom mingled with Irish slaves. It wasn’t until after the civil war, at which point African slaves migrated to the cities.

However, many Irish (and many other White people for that matter) were STILL indentured servants, even into the 20th century.

Countless Irishmen died building roadways, buildings and monuments. Especially in New York. Because White slaves were not considered valuable enough to shut down production, instead a hole was dug, they were buried on the spot and road continued to be built right over them.

Maybe some of these white liberal, Jewish and black anti-White activists in the area should think about that next time they are driving over them. But then again, they have such a deep seated hatred, they would love the fact.

But back to MY privilege. After my ancestors years of servitude, he was allowed to seek outside labor, in an attempt to purchase his freedom. He did so but before he was able to do so, he met his wife.

One day my ancestor and other ‘workers’ noticed a ship anchored on the Ohio river. After a couple of days of no traffic or sign of life on the ship, they went out to see what they could find on it.

To their shock there was indeed life on the ship. They found over a dozen young Irish girls locked away below deck, dehydrated and starving. They freed them and snuck them onto the farm, into the servants quarters.

They later found out that these young Irish immigrant girls were taken off the ports on the East Coast and were being sold (mostly as sex slaves) to any willing buyers.

The traders anchored their ship on the Ohio river and went ashore to perhaps find their bearings or to find potential buyers. However, it appears they were ambushed by Indians and killed, leaving these young women locked away.

Luckily they were rescued by men such as my 5x great grandfather. He ended up marrying one of the girls and she was known as the ‘captive maiden’ in our family history. They went on to have several sons. One of which ended up being partially famous, or rather infamous according to liberals.

‘Bulger’ Joe Logsdon ran with Daniel Boone. He was referred to as a pioneer and Indian fighter. This is detailed in many different historical accounts.

To the Logsdon’s who settled into Kentucky, the next century wasn’t filled with good times and easy living. Rather the opposite – they were met with war, strife and struggle. Nothing was given to them.

Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, my great grandfather, Oscar Logsdon, from Beaver Dam, Kentucky, was, like so many poor White Americans, sent to fight in WW1.

Oscar was traumatized by the effects of such a bloody war and the daily struggles to feed his 9 kids in the mid-1920’s.

Several years after the war, Oscar took my then 14 year old grandfather, Clyde, and his brother, my then 12 year old uncle Yule, into the barn. He told them that taking care of the family was now their responsibility.

At that moment he took a shotgun, put it to his mouth and blew his head off right in front of his sons.

Yule and my grandfather, being the oldest boys, had to work for pennies in the Kentucky coal mines.

In those days there was only one job their mother could get as a poor Irish woman. They wouldn’t allow that, so they suffered it out, as many others had to in those days. They did this for years.

Eventually my grandfather and his brother were men and sent as another generation to fight, this time in WW2.

My grandfather was at Omaha beach during D-Day and many other battles after that. He was highly decorated during the war.

Upon his return to home, he decided he didn’t want to go back to Kentucky. Not with all those memories of his childhood and to be stuck in the same circle of life many had before him.

He moved to Pekin Illinois, worked for Caterpillar as a highly skilled welder and mechanic. Skills he learned during the war. He eventually saved up enough to buy a farm outside of Canton, IL.

He bought and raised livestock there all while still working at CAT. I spent a lot of time on that farm learning how to hunt and live off the land.

I was taught many life lessons from my grandfather that I greatly appreciate. A great man I still miss to this day after his passing.

However, my father was raised by him. As you can imagine, being raised by a man who has had that upbringing wasnt easy.

My grandfather had absolutely NO sense of humor. He had no childhood and didn’t see the need for his son to have one either. Life was all about work.

So my father’s life, like many in our family, was filled with struggle. As was the case with many Irish American families. Work was the only solution to starvation.

When my father was 17, he lied about his age and joined the army, only to be sent to Vietnam.

He was mobile artillery, in heavy combat areas. One such area was known as the ‘iron triangle’. An area that experienced heavy doses of concentrated anti-herbicides, one of which was ‘Agent Orange’.

As many now know, this chemical, untested and recklessly dumped on our soldiers, caused many complications. Some died within days, some never experienced complications. Others like my father, it took years before it started to show signs.

I didn’t have a great childhood either, growing up with my father, but things got much worse when these complications started.

I watched my father go through 53 surgeries, several cancers and diseases over the next 20 years, all caused from chemical exposure during the war. It eventually took his life a few years later.

I loved my father very much, he eventually became my best friend.

But as I stated, growing up with him wasn’t easy. He was a violent alcoholic that was being pumped with massive amounts of Opiates by the VA. They essentially turned him into an addict, as that was their general solution to the problems. As it still is.

Early on the government lied to him. They told him they didn’t know why he was having these medical problems. Itwasn’t until my mother stole his medical records, straight from the doctors desk, because it had a large biohazard warning on top. That is when they found out.

He was already disabled and couldn’t work because of the exposure to ‘Agent Orange’. We were not rich by any means up to that point. With my father out of work, my mother had to work instead, just to struggle to get us through.

I even started working at 12 years old, with my brother in law, hauling tile and mixing grout and thin set by hand.

My first real, legitimate job came when I was 13, detasseling corn and bagging groceries. I gave my parents what money I could, when I could.

When I was 14 years old my father became unbearable. He had just started getting some government assistance. – $661 a month. Not even enough to live on by the standards of the time. But he was a daily heavy drinker and his anger and frustrations from his medical problems was getting the better of him.

I eventually moved out. 14 years old, moving back and forth with brothers and sisters, friends or wherever I ended up laying my head at night.

Life was quite hectic. I ended up becoming emancipated as a legal adult when I was just 16.

My aunt, who was fairly well off, ended up leaving me some money. I bought a trailer home and started building my own life. Only, I lost it all when I was 17, by making a huge mistake, with tragic consequences.

After wrecking my car I ended up spending many years of my young life in maximum security prison.

Later I was released and owned my own construction companies. Mostly framing houses, I built over 150 homes during that period.

I developed hernias, but worked through them. It wasn’t until my mid-30’s, just a few years ago, when I started to experience medical complications of my own. Very similar to my father, and at the same age he did.

Now 38 years old, I’ve developed three different forms of cancer and going on my 6th and 7th surgery in the last 3 years. Primarily caused by the same issues my father had.

Agent Orange effects your genetics and, as my father went to Vietnam many years before I was born, he passed it on to me when I was born. This has already been proven by the doctors and confirmed, but continually denied by thegovernment.

So now I can’t work like I used to and no one is going to hire a convicted felon who is covered in racist tattoos from my prison days and who has been consistently doxxed online for being pro-White. Never mind any office work!

So now I struggle as many in my lineage before me to make ends meet.

Now before I get to my point, for the sake of space and balance, I will add that on my mothers side, their struggle wasn’t nearly as bad. My mothers family were upper-middle class but still had to work for everything they had.

So my point of telling you a partial life story here is to figure out exactly where my #Whiteprivilege is.

I would challenge anyone, especially your marxist, feminist, anti-White hordes who go on and on about White male privilege, to point out where I have experienced ANY privilege?

How in any way did being a White male benefit me or anyone in my lineage? It didn’t because it doesn’t and never did exist.

Rather the exact opposite is the case. White males, some more than others, have had to carry the burden of this world on their back. More than ANY group of people in history!

I understand that my family history is an extreme example, especially compared to many others in the White Race, but not as bad as some others.

However, generally painting the entire race as being privileged is not only wildly false and reckless but extremely deliberate. A deliberate action from those who have a deep hatred for our people. To create a false narrative of entitlement on one side, while claiming oppression to everyone else.

Of course anyone with even the slightest level of common sense knows this.

Anti-White mobs fill the streets everyday yelling ‘racism, sexism and oppression’. These same people do not have to work as they are on government assistance programs. Programs paid for by the same people who they are accusing of being evil and privileged, who work to pay taxes so these White hating miscreants can take drugs and loaf around. Complete lunacy.

But let us look deeper. The idea of the privilege they think they are referring to is actually economic privilege.

In America especially, the wealthy are entitled to a different set of rules, social standings, and rights way more than others. The old saying “money talks and bs walks”.

The wealthy in this country have created a void between themselves and the rest of us. They are the ones treated way differently and do indeed have privilege.

But this isn’t a racial thing. Not all those ‘rich’ elitists are white. As a matter of fact, the so-called ‘elite’ is very diverse.

There are a much higher number and percentage of Jewish millionaires than White millionaires. Arabic, East Asian and, yes, even many blacks who are amongst the #economicprivileged.

Plus your Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clintons of the world, who claim to be for the people while they drive around in one of 15 cars that are worth more money than most of us will see in our lifetime. Driving to one of many mansions they own, and do so not by being loyal or benefitting any group of people, especially their own. But instead preying on them.

Wealthy celebrities, who push their degenerate (IM)morality from their safety bubbles in their ivory towers. They do so to pit the educated poor against the uneducated they can easily manipulate.

This maintains the safety of the void that separates us. The very people who created the myth of White privilege are the ones who maintain the safety of their economic privilege.

If the people who have these imagined slights of oppression caused by this myth of White privilege actually turned their sights and efforts on those who do cause oppression and do have privilege, they would be see their funding dwindle greatly and many of them, along with their message, would be silenced.

Look back some years at the social battle of the 99% vs the elite 1%. See how quick that was moved on from and somehow turned into a battle against #Whiteprivilege? These people are master manipulators and the uneducated got the wool pulled over their eyes once again.

Let us examine what privilege actually is.

Privilege: 1. a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.

Hmm… Well, we discussed the myth and difference of White privilege vs. what actually is misconstrued as economic privilege. But by definition this sounds familiar to be me. It sounds an awful lot like acceptance made for blacks, Arab muslims (and other muslims), ‘gays’ and many other groups of people who claim to be oppressed.

But lets just look at blacks in America.

Getting a Job.

Ever since the passing of affirmative action laws in America, there has been special circumstances, forcing many employers, especially in government related work, to hire ‘minorities’. Namely blacks over others. They are forced to bypass better skilled, better educated, better experienced workers just because they don’t fit into the special PRIVILEGED group of people the law was designed to benefit. If they do not they will be sued for discrimination. So once again who is privileged here?

Not working.

In todays society, the majority of blacks are on welfare. A large percentage of blacks do not work and have no desire to work. They live in government housing and are given EBT (food) cards. Some are given a cash allowance also.

Blacks are given special treatment vs Whites who are in need.

My wife and I have had to use the food assistance program before. We discovered a black woman, who worked with my wife, made the exact same money but only had two children to our four. Yet she received double the amount of assistance.

Curious? Go into any welfare center and you’ll find out why. The majority of social workers in these offices are black and, as I stated above, were given the job because of their ‘privilege’. They use this to benefit and help their own people over others.

However, as long as these people keep having kids they can’t take care of the more money and benefits that get pushed on them. This doesn’t sound like something the majority of Whites in this country are entitled to. So who is privileged?

Social and morale accountability.

If a White person commits a crime, or does something or says something that society disapproves of, he is held fully responsible. In the society we live in, even more so, for his actions.

But if a black person commits the same crimes as above, they have a million and one excuses that shield them from being held accountable.

The biggest excuses being racism, oppression and discrimination. In which 99% of cases are manipulated to the extreme in this crazy society.

It is their crutch, their shield in order to avoid responsibility. This is taught and handed down through generations.

At my younger children’s school, you have a bunch of wild, out of control black kids who run rampant. I have seen it and my kids have been victims of it.

They can go up and attack a White child, provoke them and pick on them. Sometimes in groups and once busted for their behavior, they claim they were called the ‘N word’ or some form of racism.

POOF, like a magic wand being waved, all their actions are ignored. They have been taking advantage of this for years and it is something that goes on all over this country.

It doesn’t even require any evidence, just a claim. I could give several examples where this happened to my boys this school year alone. This is just an example of children’s behavior. They learn it from their parents and generations before them.

When blacks commit crimes, it is not only them who use it for an excuse to avoid responsibility but Whites also excuse their behavior and make excuses for it.

‘It’s because they’re poor!’ ‘It’s because they grew up in the ghetto!’ ‘It’s because they’re angry about slavery and oppression!’ I’ve heard it countless times.

A black guy violently beats up a young White woman. He says he did it because she called him ‘nigger’ and all his actions are justified in the eyes of this insane society. That’s utter BS.

Klassen taught us the lesson of ‘never again through a serpents eye’ because of this very thing. However, it gives these people a moral, social and, in many cases, legal immunity for their actions.

Immunity? Hmm… kinda sounds like the definition of privilege like above. So who is privileged again?

We could go on and on here. From free tuition at colleges, bonuses and incentives, buying a house, work promotions, etc. All these benefits and exemptions made for a particular group of people, based on their skin color, because of guilt imposed on society for something that happened to their ancestors.

I went in-depth on the long, hard, continuous struggles of my family and many of my people. Struggles that even outdate that story. Irish people were oppressed by the English going back a thousand plus years. Just like many other groups of people who were oppressed by another group of people at many times in the history of the world.

But no time in history have such exemptions and benefits been heaped on a people for it other than blacks. Especially in America.

Yet blacks are the same group who claims to be the most oppressed. Why? Well, because like a spoiled child in a store who throws a tantrum when they don’t get what they want and the parent just gives in. We have created this monster by allowing it to go on for so long. Instead of holding them accountable for themselves and their own actions.

So to wrap up, once again, who is privileged here?

I understand even blacks have obviously had hardships and struggles, but, once again, no group in history has been entitled to such benefits and ‘privilege’ like them. Most of them take full advantage of such things without ever earning it.

So where does it go from here? This will only get worse. The saddest thing is most are oblivious to the reality of the situation.

We see many, especially leftist extremists, who use the hashtag #whiteprivilege, to perpetuate this evil myth through social media. They use it to try to silence any pro-White voice or to discredit the hard work and achievements of White people.

So I say, fight a little fire with fire!

Any time you see black people using ‘racism’ as an excuse for their actions, fire back with the hashtag #blackprivilege.

If they want to know what that is, I have provided just a few examples of it that are undeniable and irrefutable.

When you see disgusting feminist liberals using the term, ask them how are we privileged vs #blackprivilege.

Have ‘#BlackPrivilege’ trending and you will see their vile nature go into overdrive, revealing their true, anti-White colors.

The goal of the despicable anti-White isn’t to ‘fight oppression,’ but just another way for them to spew their hatred for White people.

Stop letting them be victims!

For those who did read through, thank you for your time. I will try not to take such a long hiatus between articles.

~Rev. James Logsdon