80s Leftie Ignorance Dates Badly




Before the “clown world” political correctness of the modern progressive “Left wing”  (see our article on how they serve the psycho capitalist class) there was a more White working class flavour to the Left. I am referring here to the 1970s to 80s, in which punk rock enjoyed popularity.

Punk became increasingly ideological in its later stages, as wearing a swastika T shirt (Sid Vicious) fell out of favour. That was only done to upset the older generation and be anarchic.

Ethnic minorities were never fans of punk rock although the culture did nurture the degenerate druggie and gender-bending types that have come to be so tyrannical in the anti-White so-called Left wing politics today.

There was a large Jewish hand in the punk rock culture, although less famous bands were not patronised by Jews other than keeping an eye on them. Those punk bands that became racially aware and others who were racially aware and liked that style of music became part of the Skinhead movement.

During the 70s and 80s it was possible for people to be easily deluded into thinking that the state/establishment supported traditional patriotic values which were seen as including the work ethic, the nuclear family, a dislike of foreigners, and keeping the poorest people in line for the benefit of the capitalist class. The capitalist class was assumed by most people to be from this country rather than often a (((racially alien))) group sucking profit from the nation itself for their own power and influence.  This same malevolent force of course was breeding any ideas that would destroy the nation. Those who identify both as “Left” and “Right” are played and misled to prevent the true socialist normality that allows the folk to survive.

It was in 1983 that a punk band called The Subhumans recorded an album by the name of “From the Cradle to the Grave” and the 16 minute long title track is the subject of this article.  The Subhumans have continued to play gigs and released albums right up to this year. This track is regarded as a classic by fans of punk rock.

Note the band’s name which refers to how some people were labeled as “subhuman” in the 3rd Reich and could be either eliminated or sent to concentration camps. Note how the band uses the letter S in their name in the similar form to the SS. The members of the band themselves, had they been German citizens at that time, would not have been regarded as being in the “subhuman” category but the Left wants to portray the Nazis as having very mean-spirited and baseless reasons for categorising people in such a way.

It is important to note that the lead singer, Dick Lucas, favours another punk band called “Global Parasite” for which he did a voice over in their song “Seven Seven” which blames the Zionist controlled establishment for the terror attack in London known by that name. The Zionists are the “global parasites” clearly and this shows an evolution in the views of the author of “From the Cradle to the Grave”.

After WW2 the Labour Party in Britain brought in the welfare state – benefits for the disabled, unemployed etc.  William Beveridge, the man who designed and advocated  the welfare system at the time said that the state should care for people “from the cradle to the grave”.  In other words, the state would take a greater responsibility for everyone’s lives.

As socialists, The Subhumans had no reason to object to the socialist principle of the nanny state and the “cradle to the grave” welfare system in its intention to help the needy, and yet the song takes this notion and accuses the state of using the process to mold people into being factory fodder, loyal servants of the state, and also soldiers to be used in the military machine.

The song makes it clear that the British establishment is no better than they view the Nazis as having been and that it is all “fascist,” “racist,” “misogynist” and so on.

Let’s go through the lyrics and see what has merit and where they suffer a failure of observation and logic.

Well they took you from your mother’s womb and put you in a school
Told you how to run your life by following the rules
Told you not to pick your nose or disrespect the queen
Scrub your teeth three times a day keep mind and body clean

At the time the lyrics were written all this was still true. We can all agree that it still is except that the monarchy is far less respected now and indeed that is a good thing.

While children are still given advice to clean their teeth at school – twice a day though – the implication of general cleanliness and health being important was true in National Socialist Germany but in Britain at that time schools had little “tuck shops” that sold a lot of sugary food.  Nowadays schools are pushing LGBTQ+ sex lessons and promiscuity which is of course the opposite of keeping mind and body clean.

Save up all your pocket money, nothing is for free
And you’d better trust your parents cos there’s no one else you see
And then they send you off each day remember what you’re told
“You may think you don’t need teaching but you’ll need it when you’re old”

Getting people to spend all their money and get in debt is what our state really encourages. It is by debt that people and nations are enslaved in many ways and the economy depends on it as well.  The economy isn’t the wealth of a country but to do with money circulating ever faster and the richest getting richer. It is a monster devouring the planet.

Parents are not allowed to even know if their daughters are put on contraceptives or to object if their children have been convinced that they need to change their gender. The parents are regarded as an obstacle to brain-polluting the next generation. However this happened after the time this song was written and the band were unwitting accomplices by getting people to think being like their parents is uncool and reactionary.

There is a contradiction in that the first verse says the state takes the child from the mother’s womb and processes the child, which is not consistent with the idea that the state encourages children to be most influenced and loyal to their parents.

And if you’re too intelligent they’ll cut you down to size
They’ll praise you til you’re happy then they’ll fill you full of lies
Cos intelligence is threatening and genius is sin
If you could ever see through them they know they’d never win

Isn’t that interesting? The lyrics are suggesting that intelligence is a good thing that is to be encouraged and that thinking people are a threat to the system! Spot on. While the lyrics here are 100% correct, the far Leftist stance is instead supposed to be that everyone is equally capable! The Communist view is that intelligence is a threat. Indeed it is also true of Judeo Capitalism when it comes to the workers who they want to be mindless drones as well. If only people would see this indeed.

So they channel your ability into the right direction
If you’re good enough and rich enough you can be a politician
On the other hand if you’re too thick they’ll tell you that you’re lazy
They’ll put you down and wind you up until it drives you crazy

Of course they mean the wrong direction, but the “right direction” according to the rulers. If you are “good enough” ie capable in the particular skills and rich enough you can be a politician. Mostly true although many politicians are stupid, incompetent and perhaps not always from a privileged background. There is certainly a determination in the private schools in the UK to train their pupils to take top positions in the civil service, business and other influential roles. Our current Prime Minister, Alexander ‘Boris’ Johnson, was trained to be what he is from an early age. However these people are more the “they” than the “you”.  The lyrics say otherwise but I’m sure that is what is meant. The masses do not get the same opportunities.

If you are a White man who is not the brightest bulb then you will be put down and since this song was written the statistics show working class White boys in the UK have the worst results in school and do feel put down and wound up. Ethnic minorities are far less held back when they lack intellectual skills and are promoted as far as possible.

They’ll say you ought to learn a trade to help you in your life
Success is written in three parts: A job, a house, a wife
They’ll say that school prepares you for the awesome world outside
Well it certainly gives you bigotry and patriotic pride

Racism, sexism teacher to class
From school to work remains the same: are you white and middle class?

In the 1960s there was far greater encouragement to learn a trade. The “Eleven Plus” exam given to eleven year old pupils was meant to determine who should be channeled into working class trades (those who failed academically) and who would be in the small percentage suitable to go onto further education and university.

Even when the song was written only about 5% would make it to university although social mobility was strongly encouraged and less effort put into such things as apprenticeships, which are now making a come-back. At present the more intelligent should probably be the ones looking at apprenticeships as the universities are full of pointless degrees that have gone from being free to study in the 1980s to putting really unsuitable candidates into degree courses with £50,000 debt plus the growing interest added to the sum.

“A job, a house, a wife” are listed as if these things were easy to come by. Today the establishment has gleefully put our people in the position of low paid work, little chance of buying a house until over the age of 40 and then starting the mortgage, and encourages all kinds of temporary and bizarre relationships in preference to the nuclear family (mother, father and average number of children). This outcome is what the rulers wanted when  “From the Cradle to the Grave” lyrics were penned and yet Lucas, like the other dupes who did not see the full picture, imagined that a traditional family structure was what the overlords want and that therefore it is to be resisted.

The family is the very foundation of a society. The family is the realistic foundation of socialism. Without this you have competing, fractured selfish individuals who are much more easily controlled and have no biological sense of belonging to a nation. It is the family structure within a nation that protects the folk from exploitation by a hostile state.

The sense in which schools can be said to inculcate “bigotry and patriotic pride” is in the idea that Britain defeated the “evil Nazis”. Also when our politicians tell us some foreign leader or group is not following our modern race-mixing equality ideology that serves Israel’s military ambitions we should be for British values and support our troops or sanctions against these enemies.

The schools punish anyone who thinks being White is a good thing and encourage shame about exaggerated sins of our ancestors. The only racism and sexism taught is anti-White and anti-men. This is beyond clear today compared with the less extreme situation in the early 80s when it was excusable for people to think we still had an education system promoting older values such as those of the British Empire. The British Empire was not helpful to the White race in any case.

You’ll learn that bad men dress in black and good men dress in white
And the pamphlets in the playground say that’s right
And that girls were made for housework and boys were made to fight
And the naughty pictures on page 3 make everything alright

And so from school to the outside world these morals you will take
And unless you can reject them you’ll have your mind at stake

The establishment continues to take the metaphorical “black and white” dichotomy when referring to who who is good and who is bad. Not in a racial “black and white” sense, but in terms of an oversimplification of who and what is evil and who and what is good. For example they say there is no point or argument to justify “anti semitism,” only evil people have these forbidden ideas for no other reason than to be evil. Race-mixing is good and lovely people support it, while bad people oppose it. Those are the ideas at school and university and in the media.

The idea that girls must be housewives and boys go out to work or fight is now regarded by even our legislators as the view that those “bad men dressed in black” would support and good people would never think that way.  So these ideas, like most of the others in the lyrics, have really aged badly. Everything is about stopping White people from having a healthy birth rate.

They’ll give you a decision when you get to 18, to
The right to vote for someone else who says he cares for you
But the only thing he cares about is getting to the top
By conning you with empty words that promise you a lot
But the end result is slavery to a false set of ideals
You’ll be tempted to believe them cos they’ll seem so very real
The slavery of attitudes that make you keep in line
Subconsciously devoted to the morals of our time

Can’t argue with those words!  Democracy is about voting for lying politicians and the whole thing is indeed a con. The particular nature of the “morals of our time” are what we are commenting on here though.

And when you end up on the dole which you very likely will
They’ll offer you a brand new trade: Learning how to kill

Why don’t you join the army? Be a man and not a fool
There’s someone else to think for you just like there was at school

At this point a lot more sense comes in. Poverty is the army’s biggest recruiter.

They’ll promise you absolution from the murders you’ll commit
In the name of god and country they can get away with it
They fill you full of orders and promise you rewards
Like busting up your family by sending you abroad
A holiday in Germany or Iceland or Hong Kong
Making money being useless well it seems it can’t go wrong

Yes, this is the only situation where the state not only allows but orders our people to use force for ideological reasons. When a national army is doing it, it does not count as terrorism. None of this is what the troops themselves even truly believe in. It is a job and they are following orders – such as the wars in the Middle East.

The song was written before the wars in the Middle East but the Subhumans’ friends in the band Global Parasite understand the more recent “war on terror” and who is behind that. Both bands seem to have evolved an awareness in the right direction although they are still multiracialists. They are perhaps fans of David Icke who similarly warns about Zionism, accuses the corrupt establishment but is careful not to fit any archetype that people are trained to see as “neo-Nazi”.

But then it’s off to Northern Ireland where you’ll practice what they preached
You’ll shoot to keep yourself alive and kill to keep the peace
And then it won’t be so much fun as you hear the wounded crying
Cos before they couldn’t speak English and you didn’t know what they were saying
But when the children call you “Bastard” it will make you think again
When you cannot tell the difference between animals and men

The British army withdrew from Northern Ireland some years after this. Northern Ireland was used unofficially for training troops as they could see real action there. The battle there was and is a sectarian one with White people who are Catholic and White Protestants attacking each other. It is an example of how Christinsanity is so toxic for the White Race.

Animals don’t wear uniforms but they kill as much as you
But the army kills for money and animals kill for food
It’s the basest degradation in the name of what is right
Become something you never were and regret it til you die

The troops kill for their job; for their wage. They are doing it for mercenary reasons basically. The propaganda suggesting they are serving the nation is a degradation and a mind-trick. That is accurate.

Cos your father will tell you “Sonny, you must do as you are told”
And you’ll say the same thing to your kids when you’re 32 years old
And unless you can react against the brainwash from the start
Your government will rule your mind and your mind will rule your heart
You’ll conform to every social law and be the system’s slave
From birth to school to work to death, from the cradle to the grave.

Toeing the line and being afraid of saying what the establishment tells us is at best unpopular and at worst evil and illegal – that is how the system attempts to enslave everyone.

Many of the words in this song strike a chord with us. We agree that the establishment does aim to take the small child and make him or her into the adult they intend them to be. Since the time when “From the Cradle to the Grave” was penned it has become clear that it is the Frankfurt School education rather than the Christian conservative traditional (somewhat less toxic) education of days gone by that now dominates our children’s programming.

The White working class, which is the background of the band in question, has been demonised and alienated in an agenda to destroy Britain and destroy all other White nations to serve the purposes of semitic international capitalism.  The idea that the agenda is socialist is all part of the trick.

Now things have become so crazy that the leftism of the 1970 to 1980s looks particularly naive. It doesn’t have the level of deliberate viciousness of today’s anti-White, anti-normal sickness and it didn’t have the same weight of media collusion either, which is why it was seen as a rather rebellious attitude rather than political correctness.

No doubt The Subhumans still play this song for old time’s sake.

~Rev Jane